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Mar 6, 2012 07:06 AM

Hamptons (Long Island) area Eats

We will be travelling around the Hamptons next weekend, having never been to the area (live in CT) would greatly appreciate input on where to eat.
We will be driving to Mattituck, NY (Northfork) and am thinking about having lunch at Love Lane Kitchen. Are there any other breakfast/lunch options around there? Also any dinner recs, possibly with a great view and in the $25 entree price range, I was thinking Fifth Season (Greenport) sounded good.
Finally the following morning we will be driving to the Southampton area to see what its all about. Are alot of restaurants open in the winter? Any must go to spots in the area for lunch?

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  1. I think LLK is a good but not great option for breakfast--their selections are pretty slim. A SINGLE omelet to chose from???

    I like Bonnie Jean's, about 15 minutes to the east, better,
    Afterwards, don't miss Blue Duck Bakery, literally a couple of minutes walk to the east of Bonnie Jean's,
    to pick up some very good bread (I think their breads to be heads and shoulders over their otherwise fine baked sweets).

    The Cutchogue Diner, which is a little closer to Mattituck,
    is very quaint, but the food is nothing special.

    For lunch only, LLK is quite good. While in Mattituck, don't miss the village cheese shop. The Love Lane Market--owned, IIRC, by the same people as LLK--has interesting things (it's a market, not a restaurant), but is rather $$$.

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      Have you tried Estia's Little Kitchen, Scott? Last week I finally got a chance to try and had a terrific one. My boss really enjoyed his Fish & Chips. Can't wait to go back.

      WhatsEatingYou, although Sag Harbor is a ways past Southampton, you may enjoy a couple of short ferry rides from Greenport to Shelter Island to Sag Harbor if the weather's nice.

      1. re: MacTAC

        No, I do my best to stay out of the Hamptons (which is sad, considering that my brother has a house in EH).

        1. re: Scott_R

          If you're near, I think you would really enjoy it. I had Isabel's Request, perfectly poached eggs, fresh spinach, everything.

        2. re: MacTAC

          The rides are short on the ferries, but it should be noted that they cost over $20 each way! It saves lots of time and is very relaxing though.

          Estia is a real destination place. Then again there are some home-y, 1950s type places right on Shelter Island too, just to say you've been there. Breakfast is very good at Shelter Island Pharmacy luncheonette counter; or Pat and Steves, there are new owners but I think they kept the staff. Both are usually mobbed with locals and for good reason.

          Southampton restaurants should be starting to open, since St Paddys Day is around the corner. I love Tuscan House if you're in the mood for authentic Italian and a pleasant upscale atmosphere. For something simpler you have Sip and Soda luncheonette, or Fellinghams Pub for more of an Irish bar kind of atmosphere. Not sure what you're looking for there, or "what it's all about": The rich and famous, or the local hangouts? Both have their points.

          1. re: coll

            I do the crossing by bike--$5 round trip. And one of the nicer bike rides around. Never actually ate on SH, though...

            1. re: Scott_R

              I think if you walk on it's free? Seems to be anyway, or maybe they're all just "friends"! Shelter Island Pharmacy is walking distance from the North Ferry.

              1. re: coll

                $2.00 each way for walk-ons, which is only $1 less then the same-day round trip cost for bicycles.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  Good to know, I almost always take the South Ferry but they cost more, unless you buy a book. Ferry prices look to be up from last year....glad I have some tickets left!

        3. re: Scott_R

          Thanks for the suggestions, the Blue Duck Bakery sounds great.

          I saw that the North Fork Table has a lunch truck so I'm thinking about doing lunch there. Is it worth the splurge for dinner as well? Reservations times are not ideal, I wonder if there would be bar space.

          Are there other nice dinner spots focusing on farm to table/local produce? We are willing to pay if its worth it!

          The ferries sound like a great idea, a nice way to see alot.
          I feel like I'll need more time than a weekend to do everything I want! I'd like to go to Southampton just to see it, I doubt its my scene but I'm curious and I'd like to see some of the beaches there.

          1. re: WhatsEatingYou

            We're going for our 35th anniversary next month to Comtesse Therese in Aquebogue; the chef there is he that used to be at the previous incarnation of North Fork Table (Couer d'Vignes). I'd prefer a trip to Paris or Italy, but this is absolutely my second choice! He even forages mushrooms and shoots his own game, although there is a problem with them being on the menu. I can hardly wait.

            Is the lunch truck open this time of year? Just make sure, it's a little early.

            1. re: WhatsEatingYou

              The ferries should be $12 each leg, driver & passenger, cash or check only. I would do it Greenport to Sag Harbor, then drive west to Southampton or other according to the rough itinerary in your post. No return on the ferries required. You might consider heading east from Sag Harbor to see East Hampton and further east depending on your time frame and preferences. There is a lot to see out there.

              I was waiting for another's PAGING COLL post to save me the trouble :-) Should be a stickie!

              Lots of great eating and traveling advice available here to maximize your visit.

              1. re: MacTAC

                Yeah I forgot the most important thing, cash only on the ferries. It's a nice ride and sort of worth it just for the view, as long as it's not windy. And oh, thanks!

          2. Breakfast/lunch on the North Fork in order of our favorites:
            Jen's Main St Cafe, Southold
            Bonnie Jeans, Southold good but not as creative as Jen's
            Coronet, Greenport, A step back into the 40's, good basic breakfast
            Love Lane Kitchen, Mattituck, good for breakfast or lunch but we like Jen's better.
            Dinner/Lunch: Not in order of favorites.
            O'Malley's, Southold, great burgers and fish specials
            North Fork Oyster Co,Greenport, don't know if they are closed for the season
            Frisky Oyster, Greenport, one of our favorites
            tRP (The Riverhead Project) is outstanding and should not be missed. One of the best NOFO or SOFO!!
            Any of the Elbow Room/ Rendesvous restaurants if you want a great marinated steak.

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            1. re: Motosport

              I hadn't known about Jeni's. Any pictures of the menu online? I couldn't find one.

              1. re: Scott_R

                She always has a very creative selection of specials on the blackboard. Fabulous biscuits and sticky buns! If you are not too hungry get an egg sammich on a fresh biscuit.

                1. re: Motosport

                  That's why I want a menu, though: none of that appeals to me. I don't have a sweet tooth, and the idea of pastry for breakfast... well, my stomach rebels.

                  When it comes to bread I like hearty, complex things (current fave: specifically their incredible Bourbon Wheat), so I'll leave the biscuits alone.

                  1. re: Scott_R

                    There are ever changing omelette specials and the egg sammich on that fabulous biscuit is to die for. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
                    Have you tried Grind Cafe yet?

                    1. re: Motosport

                      No; same sort of problem, really. I don't want an egg sandwich for breakfast. And if there might be a single omelet selection... it's too much of a roll of the dice if a single item they may have is or isn't something I'll want, especially when I know the rest of the menu is not.

                      1. re: Scott_R

                        Where is your sense of adventure?

                        1. re: Motosport

                          Driving a long distance for breakfast at the off-chance that a place MIGHT have a single dish I'll enjoy isn't what I think of as being adventurous.

            2. For Lunch in Southampton, Check out Little Red on Jobs Lane Wednesday through Sunday. Andy or Tommy at the bar will help make for a fine Mad Men Lunch hour.

              Shippy's on Windmill is a time-warp of a restaurant, but has the best french onion soup ever.

              Barrister's on Main has a fine burger, and Paul's (also on Jobs) makes a great slice of pizza.

              Enjoy the spring in the Hamptons!

              1. Cittanuova.
                hampton chutney comp.

                1. Three great places in Riverhead: Athens Grill on East Main Street (well prepared Mediterranean fare with an emphasis on fresh seafood), Farm Country Kitchen on West Main Street (excellent food, charming staff and it's BYO.), and Buoy One on West Main Street. (Excellent fried clams. The panko crusted oyster appetizer is superb!) And there os no south fork attitude in Riverhead.

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                  1. re: Catboat

                    I like Turquaz in Riverhead, next to the Aquarium facing the riverfront, for good Turkish food.


                    1. re: Fred19

                      Great Turkish food at reasonable prices. Family run!! Very nice people. You've got me thinking about Turkish lunch now but they are closed Tuesdays!!