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Mar 6, 2012 03:32 AM

Dried peas, are they regular ones?

I bought a bag of Goya dried peas, I need to know if I re-hydrate them will they be like normal peas? I need to know a casserole's fate rests on it.

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  1. No, they won't. They're the kind you make soup out of. Go back and get some frozen. :)

    ETA: Striclty speaking you can make soup from sweet peas too, but it doesn't taste anything like split pea soup.

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    1. re: MikeG

      I'm poor these were the best option. I have no more money.

      1. re: YAYME

        Make the casserole without peas, save those for soup. It's very filing, nutritious and a bag will make a huge pot. :)

          1. re: YAYME

            Then, sadly, you're screwed. Can you return the Goya peas? House-brand frozen peas shouldn't much if at all different in price.

            ETA: A fundamental problem for you will be that dried peas taste like, well, split pea soup. So if you don't like them in soup, you probably won't like them in a casserole, either.

    2. They won't be like regular peas, but you're not screwed. Post the casserole recipe here and people can chime in about how to substitute or even how to make the peas you bought work for you. People make substitutions all the time, or tweak the recipe so that it works with whatever they have on hand.

      1. All is not lost. Just use them in the casserole. They won't be like fresh/frozen peas but they will be work very well in the long cooking. You may need to give them some prior cooking to get them started before adding to the casserole.

        Here's a link to a recipe that should give you an idea about technique.

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          I soaked them and boiled them it turned out awesome nice sweet, crisp peas!