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Mar 5, 2012 10:59 PM

Food Adventures- Places worth the trip!

This march break my girlfriend and I have decided to opt for a staycation and go on excursions around the city. We live pretty central (Ossington & Dupont) and only have access to bikes & TTC so anything too ambitious might be out of the question. What restaurants are out of the downtown core, tucked away in weird nooks & strip malls that are worth the mission?
I was thinking things like Apache burgers, Gayle's, the best dumplings in Missisauga, best deli in North York. Things that are fun but not hard to get to also welcome, best borscht/kelbasa in ronces is always a pleasure (Polonez?)
Any suggestions for fun trips?

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  1. Absolutely.

    The Latin food court at 9 Milvan dr. It's north of Finch, west of Weston. Go around back and there's an unassuming door with a simple "Food court" sign above it. Inside it's Central and South America. Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, etc. It's an absolute gem. I highly suggest the Lomo Saltado from the Peruvian place. Get the rice to the bottom of the dish asap so it can start soaking up all the goodness on the bottom. The Chilean place has some great empanadas. I liked the chorizo and the seafood the best there. The dulce churro is awesome too.

    A walk around Kensington and/or St. Lawrence markets would be nice as well.

    Another idea for you is hit Holy Chuck at Yonge and St. Clair. Try one of their burger and then head on up to Burger's Priest at the top of Hoggs Hollow. Do a comparison.

    On bikes if the weather is nice, perhaps tour some of the food trucks that are popping up.