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Mar 5, 2012 10:45 PM

Pearl (liege) sugar in Edmonton?

Hey Chowhounds,

I recently bought a new waffle iron and would like to make liege waffles with the giant pockets of pearl sugar.

Anyone know of a specialty grocery store that sells Belgium pearl sugar in Edmonton?

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  1. Have you tried Dutch Delicious,13232 - 118 Ave . I believe I have seen it there while Oliebollen hunting

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    1. re: veloxsea

      No I haven't. I'll try to stop by next week. Thanks for replying, I had given up at this point.

      1. re: jibberjabberwocky

        They had rock sugar there yesterday and it looked like the stuff you'd put in the waffles.

    2. I just found some at K&K Food Liner on Whyte ave and 99th st. At least I think it's the same. It had no English on the package, just on the nutrition label which said "Pearl Sugar". It was a product from Finland though, so not sure if it's exactly the same.