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Mar 5, 2012 10:31 PM

Lunch to go between the west side and the east side?

I offered to bring my SIL lunch tomorrow, as she is home recovering from surgery. I'm in West Seattle and she is in Newcastle, so I'm trying to think of someplace conveniently in between that is open for lunch with food that travels well. So far I'm thinking sandwiches from Bakery Nouveau, Thai from Buddha Ruksa, or a stop at Salumi or in the ID for bahn mi. Is Stopsky's on Mercer Island convenient to I-90 and worth the stop? I want to give her some options, someplace with french fries would be a plus but not mandatory. Help!

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  1. Babette,

    Might be too late, but you might try the GO deli in Renton. If you take that way to get to Newcaste (509, 518, to 405), this place is right off freeway in DT Renton.

    GREAT Bahn Mi. Had a friend who worked near here a couple years ago, and we would occasionally meet here for lunch. If you go, ask for extra mayo, and if you like it spicy, extra peppers, as sometimes they are skimpy on those. The pate, ham & chicken was my favorite. They bake their own bread. There are a few other great sides on the vietnamese menu too, but not sure if I ever saw fries, as I wouldn't have been looking for them; they do have a fryer.

    Another option, which is my favorite Indian food in all Seattle area, is take-out from Nan & Curry, which is also in DT Renton, and a skip from the freeway as well.

    Hope your SIL feels better. Nice of you to bring lunch:)

    1. Goldberg's Deli is there at Factoria. Yea's Wok used to be a favorite of folks here. It's also in the same area.

      1. She voted for gyros, so I'm heading to Mawadda in Admiral. Thanks for the suggestions.