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Mar 5, 2012 10:15 PM

Korean yakiniku - Shillawon and Han Yang

went to Shillawon on Feb 25. first time i had korean yakiniku in ages. lots of banchan (korean side dishes) and they come and take your order. you can order any type of meat (i'm not sure if they have chicken) but not all at once, since you have to cook what you order. it's all you can eat. a grill the size of a dinner plate is set in the table. ribeye and beef tongue was what i mainly ate. kal bi was good, and they also have brisket and pork. the ribeye was very fresh. i do recommend this place if you are in the keeamoku/ala moana area. price was around $26. very clean place.

we hit Han Yang this past sunday evening. the original owners had the best kal bi around, and now David is the third owner. what i liked about Han Yang's yakiniku was more choices. there was garlic steak, chicken, regular steak, beef tongue (too thickly sliced but tasty), brisket, pork belly, bbq pork. i did not have the chicken or bbq pork. BUT THEY HAVE KOBE BEEF, both garlic and regular. real kobe beef! price was $28. i definitely recommend if you're in kalihi. omg kobe beef.

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