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Mar 5, 2012 09:55 PM

Koreatown/Mid Wilshire recs not necessarily Korean!

Hi, I'm taking a job in LA, and this is the area I'm sort of thinking about for an apt. I'd like to ask for recs for quick, casual, pretty inexpensive take out for lunch/dinner not necessarily Korean (although I imagine that's what's best in this neighborhood). And groceries or specialty markets where I can get cooking supplies. Any old place will do for cereal and boxes of tea, but I'm pretty highbrow about my meats, produce, and breads. Also, slightly off topic, if this isn't the wisest location for a single female to be living on her own, give a heads up. In my past life, I always lived on the westside, but more bang for the buck apt-wise (and close to work) in K-town. Thanks!

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  1. I'd highly recommend you look into the miracle mile area, which is around the area of LA brea and Wishire.. There are many places to eat, quick bites, drugstores, Ralphs, and a Trader Joes on La Brea and 3rd. I loved living there. Plus, it's a quick drive to Koreatown!! There are plenty of apts as well...

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      i had a wonderful 10 years and wonderful food option experiences by beverly/fairfax area. walking distance to the groceries on fairfax, erewhon heath food store, up and down beverly you will find TONS of restaurants... plenty of delivery options as well. just a suggestion! not as cheap as ktown but not as expensive as santa monica, weho proper, etc. plus, you'll be central to so many farmers markets! on sundays you can choose from the Melrose market, the Bevery Hills market, OR Larchmont. Sometimes i'd even do all three of them in a day... but usually i'd do two.

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        Also a new Trader Joes opens soon on 3rd and Fairfax across Fairfax from the Original Farmers Market and diagonally across from the Whole Foods with the nightmare parking lot.