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Mar 5, 2012 07:34 PM

Spring Thai, Montreal

Dear Hounders,
In search of real Thai resto, not Thai Express, but "David Thomson" level Thai, in Montreal. Any thoughts? Taking friends (who like Thai Express and also indian Tikka) to supper. Just Cracked up when they said Thai express.. so.. now I have to show the alternatives. Wuld love to find a good, authentic Thai here in Mtl. Surely this must exist -- we have ALL the ingredients available, fresh, here. I'd cook it myself, but, that's a whole other over-bold invite, involving more rooms than I have :). SOS Thai, (and Indian in a seperate thread). In love. Have 1 week to prepare. :)

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  1. Look a little below your thread, there's a topic on Thai food.

    In short, no really good thai food in town.