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Mar 5, 2012 05:56 PM

Rice, Cooked

I've read several recipes that call for rice cooked a few days before.

How long is cooked rice good in the refrigerator?
I've refrigerated it for four days and it still tastes fine.

Is left over cooked rice good frozen and thawed?

I Googled this with contradictory results and trust Chowhound more.


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  1. Fresh rice is best except for certain preparations that benefit from drier rice (like certain fried rice recipes). The texture suffers from being refrigerated, but it's not dangerous even after a few days in the fridge. Some rice cookers actually have extended keep warm settings to keep the rice warm for several days. I have never tried freezing rice but rice is cheap - why not just try it? it will probably work best with a less sticky variety.

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      yes, I read in some recipes that recommend days-old rice be used for fried rice
      thank you, akq
      I was wondering about the freezing because it would take so much less time to defrost and warm than cooking from scratch which takes me about 45 minutes watching over it

      1. re: sylvan

        It takes you 45 minutes to cook rice? I take it we're talking about brown rice

    2. >>>> How long is cooked rice good in the refrigerator?
      Easily 7-10 days, if not more. Assuming it's properly packaged and stored correctly.

      >>>> Is left over cooked rice good frozen and thawed?

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        thanks to you both for your responses

      2. Here's a link for one method of freezing rice.

        1. It may be heretical to some, but I too got tired of doing a pot of rice just for myself, so I've begun cooking at least 4 servings worth at once. I put it into a freezer bag and store it in the fridge. I've frozen rice before and don't recall having a problem with it after defrosting, but I'm sure it wasn't in there for months or even weeks.

          When I reheat rice to accompany a meal, I just dig into the bag from the fridge and plop the amount I want onto the serving plate, then put it into the microwave. Then 7 or 8 minutes before I figure dinner will be ready to plate, I turn on the defrost cycle for 4 or 5 minutes (to reheat slowly and evenly), giving it a final minute at full power just before I'm ready to dish up the meal.

          I'm happy with the results, and will continue to cook, store, and reheat rice this way.

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          1. re: RelishPDX

            You're talking my language. That's exactly what I was looking for from someone's experience.
            I'm going to use your system

          2. I put leftover rice in the refrigerator, then I make a fresh batch the next time, allowing for the rice I have saved. When the new batch is almost ready, I mix the leftover rice into it.