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Mar 5, 2012 05:55 PM

romantic restaurant

Any suggestions for a trendy, romantic restaurant for an anniversary dinner? (besides Binkleys, T Cooks, Lons, or Elements). Prefer in Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Thanks

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  1. Quiessence. Big time. The brick oven table is fabulously romantic, provided it's early enough in the year that it isn't too hot. Not sure that I'd use the word "trendy," but I generally don't think of "trendy" and "romantic" going together either, so perhaps we're working with differing definitions of the former :-)

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    1. re: Dmnkly

      Concur on Quiessence.

      Also might consider Different Pointe of View.

      1. Hoping to hit up Quiessence in a couple of weeks..
        I think that Durant's has that certain romantic vibe to it...gorgeous naugahyde burgundy booths, rubenesque paintings, chilled relish tray, strong drinks, low lit lighting, walk through the kitchen and say hi to the crew, old school fare, no molecular gastronomy anywhere to be found..
        ; )