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Staying at St. Catherine and Fort, where to go?

.alias Mar 5, 2012 05:48 PM

I'm staying at the Hotel du Fort (1390 rue du Fort) next week and I was wondering what are some restaurants that are convenient to get to? I know Kazu is right down the street and Boustan isn't very far for a quick bite.

It seems like I'll have to travel a bit to get to some of the other destination spots that I plan to try out (Schwartz, La Banquise, APdC, Lemeac, Romados, Fairmount on the list so far).

Let me know what's good in the area! Also would anyone know how long it might take on the metro to get to the spots I want to? So basically from Station Guy-Concordia to Station St. Laurent + the bus ride, just out of curiosity.


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  1. kpzoo RE: .alias Mar 5, 2012 06:43 PM

    One of my new favourites in the area is Avesta - casual, fabulous Turkish. Highly recommend the spicy chicken sandwich, the spinach gozleme, and all of the meze combos.


    Cacao 70 almost next door is amazing for all things chocolate - incredible hot chocolates and enormous fondues. http://www.cacao70.ca/

    For a quirky, delicious brunch with a Lebanese twist, try Cocktail Hawaii on de Maisonneuve near Guy - http://www.cocktailhawaii.com/ (watch the music)

    Your travel time by public transit to Plateau/Mile End places will really vary, but I'd say between 20-45 min, on average, depending whether you need to change metro lines and whether/how far you need to take the bus. You can use the STM or Google Maps trip planner for more precise estimates for each location.

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      marblebag RE: .alias Mar 5, 2012 06:51 PM

      You are in Chinatown 2 so if you like Asian food then you can try the following

      Maison Bulgogi for Korean
      Cuisine Szechuan, Kan Bai, Maison du Nord, Qing Hua dumplings, Pret a Manger
      Imadake at Atwater and Ste-Catherine if you can't get into Kazu

      Other non asian choices include Antep Kebab for Turkish grilled meats, Thali for home style Indian, Poulet Bronze for fried chicken, Crudessence for raw.

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        .alias RE: marblebag Mar 5, 2012 07:07 PM

        I'm coming from Toronto and I'm asian myself, so I think i'm going to be trying out other types of foods more.

        Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep them coming!

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        finefoodie55 RE: .alias Mar 6, 2012 08:17 AM

        If you are not interested in Asian food you cut out alot of the great Restaurants in your area.If you would like to invest $7.00 on a taxi try Joe Beef one of Montreal's best "neighborhood" Restaurants areservation would be needed .In the same area you can look into Bergundy Lion a fun Gastropub. Le Fumoir a BBQ Smokehouse, Resto.Griffentown Cafe maybe for your Sunday Brunch . If you are here in April or later for lunch you might want to try Grumman 78,s new retail outlet in Les Faubourg Ste Catherine for innovative Tacos C/O St Matthieu / Ste Cath. The Metro to St Laurent is about a 15 min run and brings you close to all the spots you mentioned with the help of the 55 bus

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          Fritzy RE: finefoodie55 Mar 9, 2012 05:18 PM

          What is this innovative tacos place that you mentioned like?

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            mangoannie RE: Fritzy Mar 9, 2012 07:41 PM

            I like their tacos at Gumman78, but kind varies atleast in their van so I suppose it will be same at their outlet in Les Faubourgs.. They usually have soup. Its worth a try as close to your hotel

            I think I would hop on the st catherine east bus or metro to place des arts metro where you can enjoy brasserie t or bouillon bilk, same area. I dont think there is much really special foodwise in area where you are staying. The lunch menus are a gooddeal downtown so more expensive restos like ferreira, milos, toque are affordable at those times



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          maj54us RE: .alias Mar 6, 2012 10:51 AM

          I suggest a very good marinated chicken at Garage Beirut.
          If you're into Lebanese Food made from scratch and I'm not talking Fast Food stuff like Amir or boustan.
          1238 Rue Mackay Montreal, QC H3G 2H4
          (514) 564-2040

          Garage Beirut
          1238 Rue Mackay, Montreal, QC H3G 2H5, CA

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