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Mar 5, 2012 03:18 PM

DTW - best coffee bean roasters

I adore Roos Roast in Ann Arbor. What is your favorite local purveyor?

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  1. If I'm permitted a vote without accompanying analysis, I'm casting my ballot for Cheeky Monkey--- . Love the Bistro Blend, and it usually comes with a nice, interesting chat, as well.

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    1. re: VTB

      Where do you get cheeky monkey or chazzanos? I should state I get my Roos from the Rooster himself at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market or Sparrow.

      1. re: momskitchen

        I think Chazzanos will deliver to Ann Arbor, they supply B-24's in Ypsi.

      1. Chazzanos all the way! I stop by every few weeks to stock up, I often get beans fresh out of the roaster, still warm! I usually get the Ethiopian Harrar, Mexican Chiappas, Tanzanian Peaberry and always let Frank remcommend a 4th.

        1. *small voice* Westborn in Berkley roasts beans in house...

          I'm sure Chazzano et al are probably better, but I'm not a coffee fanatic, and I'm generally stopping at Westborn for one thing or another, so you can't beat the convenience. And the beans seem to turn over quickly so they are freshly roasted, at least the darker roasts are.

          1. Our current favorite is . Out in Grand Rapids so kinda local, but we order by mail and have been really happy.