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Mar 5, 2012 03:12 PM

Soda Fountains & Sweet Shops

Recently returned to NJ after almost half a lifetime elsewhere. I know there's still Holstens in Bloomfield, but are there any other "old-fashioned" or new fangled soda fountains in the state?

There used to be that place in Hoboken on Washington Ave. that as the years passed was open less and less frequently. I know what's no longer (Gruning's); looking for what still is. Neighborhood sweet shops that still have a seltzer line and know how to make a soda or a milk shake are fine. Looking to take a 7- and a 2-year-old.

Willing to travel.

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  1. Just across the river in Philadelphia, the Franklin Fountain is a great old time soda fountain.

    1. I've always gone to Holsten's, but, I have always heard good things about
      Bischoff's Ice Cream & Candy
      468 Cedar Ln

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        I agree with nizza. I've been going to Bischoff's in Teaneck for years. It really hasn't changed at all- a great old fashioned ice cream shop, with great candy also! Plus, it's on the main drag and has some really neat shops as well as a movie theater.

      2. There is a wonderful one at the pharmacy in Far Hills. Dang, now I am craving an egg cream....

        1. The Popshop has been a favorite we had a nice time there ...Bobby Flay did a show there also....nice place..

          1. You are talking about Schnackenberg's (sp?). One of the sister's that owned it died, but they have been open regularly again. Now I haven't tried going there in a few months so you may want to call. It does still look exactly the same though.