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Mar 5, 2012 02:27 PM

Out of These Four in Vienna for Dinner?

An old boss and I are going to have dinner. We want to avoid heavy Austrian food, and we like to eat well. We also want a place that is not so noisy. Which is your favorite out of these four, Chowhounds?

(Old Style (but not greasy/heavy Austrian) Plachutta:

(Super modern/trendy Austrian) Oesterreicher im Mak:

(Cool views) Palais Coburg Basteigarten Restaurant: (menu)

(A great standby) Café Landtmann -

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  1. Plachutta and Österreicher im MAK are offering basically the same kind of cuisine. And: Österreicher im MAK is NOT super modern or trendy !! Both are recommended for purely TRADITIONAL Viennese food. Both can be quite noisy, but the food is acceptable.

    For a more quiet, traditional and high-end Viennese experience I recommend Anna Sacher in Hotel Sacher, or for a more bourgeois ambiente the Restaurant Eckel in Sievering. Another great spot is the Pfarrwirt in Heiligenstadt, a real old inn, located in a very historic ambiente, great food, great views !!

    Palais Coburg ist TWO restaurants. The Weinbistro is just another average hotel bistro, the Silvio Nickol is Viennas high-end nouvelle cuisine spot, but it is NOT a "Viennese" restaurant. It is also quite expensive. If you want the most modern and trendy Viennese cuisine, I might recommend the Steirereck. If you think this is beyond your budget, I remind you of Martin Stein in Döbling, a real hidden gem and excellent value for money.

    Landtmann is great for the atmosphere, the food is average. The same food is available in other cafes of the same chain, e.g. Cafe Mozart or Cafe Hofburg. I would prefer to go to a pastry shop such as Demel (expensive), Heiner, Gerstner or Aida. The Aida chain is best value for money, the cakes and pastries are wonderful, only the ambiente is pure 1950s (some like it exactly because of the ambiente...).

    BTW: Who told you that Austrian food is "greasy/heavy" ??
    No way. Austrian cuisine is LESS greasy/heavy than French cuisine. Promised !