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Jack-in-the-Box Tacos -- 50 years of skid-marked cardboard

I realized the other day that I hadn't had Jack-in-the-Box Tacos for 50 years. The last time was 1962, when I met my future wife. See came from a part of the country that didn't have JitB or tacos and wanted to try them. I had already sworn off them as vile and disgusting, but joined in with her. Never again for 50 years, until In a fit of nostalgia we thought we'd try them the other day.

I don't know if they've changed during the 50 years in between, but it turns out they are still as horrible as 1962 -- a shell that tastes like a hybrid of cardboard, corn and plastic, with a skid-mark of some partially meat-like substance smeared inside. This is clamped shut and deep-fried until vulcanized, then pried open with a tire iron and a bit of synthetic cheese and lettuce is forced inside.

We took the remainders home for the dog, but he took one sniff, looked at us like we were trying to poison him, and walked off -- and this from an animal that licks his own butt.

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  1. LOL I brought some brownies in to work to share with people. One of the guys came back from lunch and gave me one of these Jack in the Box tacos as a return for bringing in brownies.

    A very nice gesture that I'm sure meant well, but I couldn't give the thing away!

    1. Based on its title, I thought this was going to be a thread about the "after effects" of eating said tacos!! :-)

      I tried JITB tacos once and only once. Truly one of the worst things I ever ate in my life.

      1. Well....more for me. I don't want to know what the meat is (cat?) and certainly will never forget your description of the "skidmark" but I certainly won't stop eating them. But I do understand why someone wouldn't like them. Perhaps you should try them after 5 rum and cokes. A real palate cleanser. :)

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          I agree. I don't even begin to consider them real tacos but after a night of partying there is nothing better than a bag of Jack in the Box tacos. They rank right up there with Whataburger taquitos late at night.

        2. Surprising how many CH-type folks have a secret yen for them, just like White Castle (the original) sliders. Me, I bemoan the loss of the Super Taco, which, at least where I live, actually could pass for a real taco.

          1. I love them. They're a special kind of wonderful.

            1. One of the strangest creations ever to come out of the fast food wasteland. So long as you don't pretend they are tacos they have certain redeeming qualities, much like a hostess snow ball or candy corn, or vegemite.

              1. Mmmm....JitB tacos....love that meatpaste!

                1. Ohhh... Jack in the Crack tacos have a special place in the heart. The food geniuses at Jack in the Box came up with the dirtiest, nastiest, most self-loathing offer on their menu.

                  'Sell the bastards for 50cents a pop and the people won't worry so much.'

                  Yes they aren't food. There's really no such thing as a 'fresh' Jacko's Taco; but my God are they not some kind supernatural creation?

                  It's as if God wanted them to be the worst of all tacos, a 'crap standard', if you will, to measure all tacos against.

                  But they were like a Frankenstein's Monster that the Creator lost control of. The people loved them. What could the Creator do? Hmmmm.... how about Jack in the Box taco sauce? Send the taco and its sauce on their way.

                  Thank the fast food Gods/sceintists for that condiment. Perfect on a cheapo Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwich or even Jumbo Jack (give it a try) not to mention drowning their 'taco' in it as well.

                  1. Aw, now you've made me miss JitB burritos all over again. I think they were the same meat and cheeze in a flour tortilla, deep fried.

                    I've never been able to figure out how they could make freshly-made tacos that had all the texture of one that's been under a heat lamp for several hours.

                    1. Fun read!

                      Thanks for starting the thread, puzzler.

                      1. If the title of this post wasn't enough to give me a good laugh first thing in the morning, this is: "We took the remainders home for the dog, but he took one sniff, looked at us like we were trying to poison him, and walked off -- and this from an animal that licks his own butt."

                        I've never had one since the only JitB that we go near doesn't sell them. But this now makes me want to hunt one down and give it a try.


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                        1. re: Davwud

                          My wife loves their tacos and I cannot understand it. By the same token she like hospital food too having worked at several hospitals in her career. Good post. The comments have me laughing.

                          1. re: Davwud

                            That should be illegal. Every Jack In The Box should be required to have Tacos.

                          2. Reading this made me remember just how much I loved those tacos when I was a kid. These days I have to drives for a couple of hours to get any fast food and my wife likes Taco Bell so thats where we go. However next time I may have to pick up a bag of Jacks finest for the drive home.

                            1. For anyone who believes this guy's dog wouldn't eat one of these, I have a bridge to sell you and it was owned by the Easter Bunny. If you are going to embellish, do it believably. Otherwise it just comes off as bagging on something to bag on something.

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                                Just because your dog has no class that's no reason to insult mine.

                              2. I recall in the 70s-80s that the JITB near my parents (WA state) actually fried the taco shells themselves and those were some yummy disgustingly greasy tacos...

                                Then some MBA genius figured how many cents they'd save by using the preformed shells and that killed any interest I had in them.

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                                1. re: coney with everything

                                  As I recall, 50 years ago JITB didn't use seasoned, cooked, loose ground meat, like most taco places; they used a turd-shaped solid log of ground meat -- sort of a long, round mini-meatloaf. This was placed in a folded corn tortilla which was held shut with a toothpick, then this assemblage was deep-fried. When done it was drained and the toothpick removed, then pried open enough to jam with sliced fake cheese and lettuce.

                                  1. re: coney with everything

                                    I think they still do (fry them fresh). I stopped at a Jack's for a snack on the way back from a walk Thurs night. Bought 2 tacos. Ate one in the car and saved the other for home. The shells were freshly fried, hot and greasy. The next day I bought 4 tacos. Today, thankfully, I did not have a yen for Jack's tacos.

                                  2. Our Carls Jr here locally(Southern Oregon) currently have 2/$1.00 tacos which are every bit the match for JiTB morsels. Don't know whether this is a permanent Green Burrito addition or just a special, but they come with hot sauce AND Salsa packets!
                                    Good stuff.