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Mar 5, 2012 01:48 PM

White Wine Sangria Recipe for Smaller Amount

Would like to make this drink for dinner and the recipes I find are all for large groups - any basic recipe that breaks it down to parts (i.e 1 part wine to x part whatever)

There are so many varieties - do I have to add any other alcohol besides wine since I see some recipes call for brandy and I don't have that on hand.

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  1. For one bottle, I use about a half cup of cut fruit. at least one with acid, tho I found lime to be too strong a flavour. Easy on the pineappIe also. I always have a bag of pomegranite seeds and add for color. Add about 1/4 cup of simple syrup. and muddle a bit to release fruit juice. A shot of brandy or light rum if you please, or not. stir. I will then spoon a table spoon of mixture into wine glass and pour chilled wine over. Experiment with left over bottles. It is hard to make a bad one tho easy to make too sweet.

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      I think it depends on what you mean by large groups. I combined three white wine/sparkling sangria recipes from epicurious and foodtv. I think the base recipes called for 3 to 4 bottles of wine/sparkling. I have lowered it to one bottle with sparkling water eh so if you want fizz I think it calls for at least 1 bottle of wine 1 bottle of sparkling. The best combiniation seems to be two bottles of white wine to one bottle sparkling. I use almost all citrus and apple brandy. Also the left over wine makes for a killer additon to risotto broth wine and steeped citrus flavors were great in the rice.