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Mar 5, 2012 01:37 PM

How to contact Ferme Auberge Le Castelas (Luberon)

I am trying to reach someone at Castelas to inquire about hosting an event there. The phone number I found in a travel book (lonely planet) is out of service, and emails have been returned as undeliverable. Does anyone have current contact information? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't know which number you called. I called +33 (0)4 90 74 60 89 last June.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Thanks Parigi. Unfortunately that is the number I tried.

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        This website gives the number of the office de tourisme of the village of Siverges, where Le Castelas is. Maybe they have more info.


      I used above link to contact the owner last year, but it no longer exist. Try this email address which was from the owner who replied to my inquires last April:

      1. According to our friends who live 15k from Sivèrgues, the news (just received) is very very very very very very sad.....le Castelas is closed. They gave us no details as to why, however. We will miss that roast pig & beautiful sunsets.

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          No way !

          I was afraid of that.
          Besides its numbers not working, I noticed it no longer advertised in the Luberon News. Also, the Office du Tourisme of the Luberon does not list it in its list of local b&bs.

          1. re: Parigi

            yes, I'm still crying over this...! We will be back in Provence in a few weeks and will try to find out more, although it probably won't change the situation. :-(

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              Really sad news... wonder what happened. I await your report boredough, as I hope to hear the news of rebirth in future.

              1. re: Kurtis

                How terrible! I was just beginning to plan our next trip to Provence and had targeted Le Castelas for one of our meals since we weren't able to dine there last year. Ah well, maybe Lyon this time.

        2. Just a meaningless update for the time being: We're back in Provence & I found the calling card we had been given last summer - with a cell phone number that belonged to Laurent, one of the regular servers at le Castelas. The message was to call him at the Auberge des Crêtes near the Gorges du Verdon (which he has run since last summer), which I did. He told me he's no longer affiliated with le Castelas, and that he thought it had closed for renovations following some edict from the Mairie. With no other contact to offer me, he suggested I phone the Mairie. That took several tries before a human picked up the phone, but all she could tell me was that she had no idea why le Castelas had closed, & that it had nothing to do with that office. So...the next step is for us to take a drive out to Sivèrgues some lovely afternoon, and see if there is any life to be found at the ferme-auberge. We are motivated & curious enough to do that in the next couple of weeks, but do not expect to be happy with our findings. Will report back.

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            You're a saint. While you are performing this public service, enjoy lovely Luberon. Paris is freezing.

            1. re: Parigi

              thanks...the weather here isn't much better than the 3 days we just spent in Paris, so you're not missing much. We're waiting for a top-down-on-the-convertible-day as an excuse to take a nice ride. Will let you know what, if anything, we find out.

              1. re: boredough

                Believe it or not, the weather has been either too cold or rainy so that we did not want to make our top-down trip until today....but it was worth it. When we reached the end of the road, we saw people having lunch outside. Astonished, we hunted down Gianni(the owner) and had a long talk. In fact, there are some issues between him & the famous Laurent (my earlier post). The phone had been disconnected/canceled, while rumors were spreading. (We had heard that all the animals were sold, the land was sold, etc. ) With Laurent's lack of information and the fact that I had been unable to find a trace of le Castelas on the internet - I never bothered to google le Castelas again. But having just returned home from this journey, I found that le Castelas once again is on LuberonWeb. The new telephone number is 04 90 74 30 81; e-mail address is Gianni claims everything is exactly as it used to be - but we didn't see any goats/pigs running around so we're hoping they truly were off grazing as Gianni said. (We're cynical New Yorkers.) In any case, we made a reservation for Sunday night and will report back should anything have changed. And just in case anyone needs to know, Gianni confirmed that le Castelas is open 365 days/yr - lunch & dinner (unless closed for a private function).

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                  You made my day !
                  Am going to do cartwheels on Place de la Bastille.

                  1. re: Parigi

                    Reporting in on last night's dinner at le Castelas:
                    I don't know what to make of it. First, we were 1 of only 2 parties, which may not be unusual for this time of year. It possibly explains why Gianni - who in the past sat back and watched his employees do their thing - served the food. (There were no other servers.) Second, he served the various courses too quickly - the cheese before we had finished the roast pork; the chocolate dessert before we even started the cheese. We were finished eating BEFORE the sun set, something that never ever happened before. Third, there were no animals, other than a lonely fox to whom Gianni fed the pork that was left on our platter, and a cat. And as my detective husband noted, there was no poo on the grounds. When I asked Gianni again what happened to the animals, he said that the pigs "were eaten"; the goats - "off somewhere in the mountains" would soon succumb to a similar fate. For all of the above, I have to say that the food was very good - our American friends (first-timers) absolutely loved everything about the evening. And we will probably give it another try. But the presence of the animals, the active participation of the staff, and the leisurely pace of the meal, were all factors that made le Castelas the unusual & memorable experience that regularly drew us back. It remains to be seen whether that spark has been extinguished. I'd be interested in anyone else's review.

                    1. re: boredough

                      Thank you so much for reporting back. Sounds as though the farm is going through a transition still.
                      That the food is good is one big relief.
                      But the lack of diners, the lack of staff, and, most worrisome, the absence of animals are all hard-to-interpret signs.
                      Again thank you for being such a responsible hound. You're a best.

                      1. re: boredough

                        Though ethereal sound of chimes made by grazing goats enticed and transported us beyond imaginable, I hope to predict that it will soon be filled again as long as they continue to provide experience you describe and we once had too long ago.

                        Thanks for making my day too, and in the same spirit I will be doing cartwheels on Columbus Circle!

                        1. re: Kurtis

                          hi all. found this thread while i was googling the ferme's phone # for a friend. so i'll share my update since seems there are many who are curious: we've gone several times over the years, it's always been the highlight lunch over our luberon stay. we went last week and had a very lovely lunch, as usual, but yes, it's true that the animals have sadly disappeared. the staff (well, the staff meaning: two men, a woman, and a friendly toddler who helped himself to our food!) was very friendly and accomodating. the lunch menu is more diverse than usual. previously, was just salad / dried meats / cheese. on the day we went, in addition to the norms, we were also served a roasted eggplant spread, roasted red peppers, and roasted potatoes + chicken (i think?). sangria is now an option (it was delicious!). and there was a chocolate mousse for dessert. we were happy with this more well-rounded meal. anyway, just a word to share that all is up and running there!

                          1. re: jayrose

                            Thanks for the report. Friends of ours went to le Castelas last week (for dinner), and found what we found: Gianni serving in a very disinterested & too-quick way, so that they felt he just wanted them to finish eating & be gone. Maybe lunch brings a bigger crowd - our friends were the only patrons that night, although the goats were still around.

                            1. re: jayrose

                              Thank you for reporting back.
                              Others have also reported a similar experience, that the food was as good as ever, but the goats were not in sight. However, Boredough's friends sighted the goats, even they (the friends, not the goats, silly) seemed to chance upon a somewhat off night.
                              At least it is not closed, gone, like the Auberge du Presbytère of Saignon.

              2. glad to hear the goats are still around. ;)
                we've only ever gone for lunch, when it's indeed busy, as it was last week. not to capacity, but about 5 small-ish groups.
                i agree, parigi, that was the saddest news of our recent trip, that the presbytere had closed, couldn't believe it!