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Mar 5, 2012 01:33 PM

pittsburgh bachelor party food & drink

my husband is planning a bachelor party for a good friend in pittsburgh in may. i use the term planning loosely. they are probably just going to roll into pittsburgh and that's it. i am trying to help so if anyone has some great tips on where to party in pittsburgh and where they can get a good bite to eat i'd appreciate it. thanks!

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  1. I'd say go South Side where all the bars are. Plenty of places to eat depending on what they like. Fat Head's, Primanti's, Dish Osteria, a few pizza places, Yo Rita, tons of places. I haven't been to all of them, but they all get talked about plenty on here.

    1. A place that may fit the bill is The Tilted Kilt. It's on the North Shore next to PNC park. It's a themed restaurant / bar chain that features waitresses dressed in short kilts and bare midriff tops. Not raunchy and the food is actually pretty decent. Good burgers and sandwiches. Just Google it and you'll see . Maybe a good place that's a notch down from strip clubs. There are other bars in walking distance and also places to stay if an overnight is needed.

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        Many like the Hofbrauhaus for beer and fun. Then go to Dish, Cafe du Jour or some other place on the southside to eat. Cafe du Jour is BYOB so bring a bottle of champagne or drink of your choice. Dish and Cafe du jour will require reservations...but lots of other places on the southside depending on the style you want to eat.

      2. A south side crawl sounds like it would fit the bill, but only if the party-ers don't mind a crowd, lots of semi-rowdy young people, etc.

        Do you have any specifics on what kind of food they like, what kind of bars they like, if they mind going to more than one place?

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          Cowboyardee is on the right track.. we will need some more specifics.. South Side would prob be the best area , however, it depends on the types and preferences of people.

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            Yo Rita doesn't take reservations and is very small so I wouldn't do dinner there. Dish is great, but it's more intimate...not so much like high energy atmosphere. I don't think of Cafe Du Jour as an bachelor party dinner atmosphere either. Fatheads would be good for casual..but they also don't take reservations.

        2. If you're all staying together at a hotel, take the 5 dollar limo around for the evening. They charge each person $5 per leg and you can reserve drop off and pick up. I think i've gotten 12 ppl in it at a time. If you want a manly nice dinner... i'd have dinner at Capitol Grille and then take the limo over to Southside. It's pretty young (shady side is Shady grove), but Villa and elixir are probably the "older" places. Villa does bottle service which is pretty inexpensive. I did that for a bachelorette party recently. I've also had dinner for bachelorette parties in Southside and Nakama has been the most "lively" with the hibachi grill.

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            If the OP's husband's friend is OK with getting hit on by cougars, by all means, he'll have fun at Nakama!

            I think he should either plan on hanging out in Southside or in E. Liberty. IMO, E. Lib has the better food and a few solid bars. It's a bit more sophisticated while still being a bit gritty. Southside is 17 blocks of bars interrupted by so-so food with a couple of good exceptions. Southside is a much younger crowd and there are a couple of clubs there if that's needed.

          2. thanks for all of the information. they'll be in pittsburgh for a friday & saturday night and i know they want to do the casino one night. it will be a large group so maybe 2 limos? i'm thinking 20+ people probably. do you have name for the lino company?

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              2 limos for sure.

              I live where E. Liberty and Shadyside meet. Panini Guy, I totally agree that E. Liberty food is far better. I guess it depends on what the ambience is that OP is going for. I don't really think of E. Lib bars as anything "bachelor" party worth except maybe Mad Mex and it's probably too tight a squeeze for the group, Although, Lizette you could rent the room at Max Mex for dinner.

              Sometimes when you're rolling with that large of a bachelor crowd, high energy/entertainment overrules food experience? with 20+ people, that rules out Dish, Yo Rita and many of the other smaller restaurants in SouthSide. While I don't like the food at either of these locations...they are considered more "party" atmosphere - Hofbrauhaus and Nakama.

              If you're going to the Casino, you could go to Tilted Kilt as someone mentioned earlier (hot girls in midriffs) or Bettis Grille...both of which are in walking distance. If you want something a bit more upscale, Hyde park is also walkable.

              If your group wants straight up clubs, Station Square is where to go for those places.


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                That is ALOT more people than I was thinking readign this post... I HIGHLY SUGGEST , that host(s) do a lot of planning.

                THere is a Steak place in the Casino.. that is not uber expensive, but could be a solid choice. Depending on what they are loooking to do.. YOu could stay in the N. Shore couple decent spots to drink and act up in or about. Depending on the dates even a Pirates Game/ Tailgate coudl be cool -- cheap / and fun