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Mar 5, 2012 01:26 PM

baby shower Brick area need suggestions

We are looking to have a baby shower some place off the parkway approx. halfway from the Bridgewater area to the LBI area. Will be in the afternoon on Sunday, 4/15. I figure this puts us at about Point Pleasant or Brick. But willing to go a bit further north or south.

Would prefer a BYO so we could bring in our own liquor and a place with a private room but willing to look at all options.

Places we have looked at so far are Lobster Shanty/wharfside (has no availability), famous Daves (their party room wouldn't work, and others that have been too costly. Trying to keep it at $20 or under pp.

Considering Charlie Browns in Lakewood. They have a reasonable deal. Their private room is booked but they can put us in the room by the bar and set up partitions.

Waiting for a call back from Rellas in Brielle and going to call The Shrimp Box on Wednesday when they open.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I have never been to this place but I seem to recall they were mentioned in a similar query a while ago. One being Vitta Vittoria, and mentioned here

    You might want to consider looking at Toms River, just a few more exits south of Brick.

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    1. re: Quine

      Actually did stop in at Vitta Vittoria. Unfortunately their 2 private rooms are booked that day. We could have the shower in the restaurant itself. Would prefer a private room or area but it is on the back up list. Smelled good when I was in there.

      1. re: KathyH

        My sister had my niece;s Communion party at VV and was very good. In fact, we just ate there last week (bifrthday party). You might want to try Andy's in Sea Girt. It's just in a strip shopping center with little atmosphere, but the food is very good. BYOB They have a back dining room that has been recently redone, but the front of the place is a pizza parlor. My parents said Rellas is not good, and be glad the Lobster Shanty is taken the day you were looking for. I seriously had one of the worst meals of my life at that filthy place. BTW the people who own VV also have another restaurant in Forked River that is equally good, I'll post the link below, (Il Giardino)

        You might also want to check out Simkos in Brielle or Brick. I know they host lots of parties there. Food is decent, though not what I would consider excellent. It should meet your budget though.

    2. In Manasquan, there is a relatively new BYO named Firefly. I've only had one meal there, but based upon it, I would say the food is quite a bit better than any of the other places mentioned (though, admittedly, I've never been to Villa Vittoria). There is a side room they use for functions and the people we know who have hosted events there spoke very well of the experience.

      1. Lobster Shanty is horrible anyway - went to one shower there last year to "enjoy" cold pasta, greasy chicken with canned green beans, and melting ice cream. I would avoid avoid avoid even IF it had been available.

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        1. re: sockii

          Thank you for all the replies. Right now we are looking at Tuscan House or The Villa, both in Toms River. It's tough not living in the area trying to pick a place.

          1. re: KathyH

            Thank you all for your help. Mom of the mom-to-be booked Martell's Tiki Bar. She said that they were able to work with her on price, which is good as when I called they were $$$. Not sure what it is like, some of the reviews look kind of iffy. Can't find any pics of their banquet room. Oh, well, it's booked.
            Again, thanks all for your help.

            1. re: KathyH

              Kathy: sorry to hear this. Do yourself a favor and eat before you can thank me later for this tip! Great view because of the ocean, but the food is...not so good. Unfortunately, with your budget, there isn't much of a choice in the area. Have fun anyway!