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Mar 5, 2012 01:07 PM

Dining Time-of-Day Problems

So here's the scoop. I work a second job four days a week that keeps me busy from 6-10:15. Even if I eat a light meal around 5:30, since I'm up and awake at 10:30 when I get home, I range from peckish to downright hungry at that time, especially when the weather is cold. I have to get to bed by midnight or so, since I'm up again at 5:45, so I need something quick and uncomplicated. and not too heavy.

I've been having a bowl of cereal or a bowl of soup, but am getting bored. Is there anything mildly more substantial that I can eat at that late hour that won't weigh me down when I'm trying to sleep? Ideas? Thank you.

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  1. I sometimes work till 9 and have a similar problem. Nuts, crackers and cheese, yogurt?

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      I love this idea, but worry if I could restrain myself with the nuts and the cheese. :-) Yogurt and mixins sounds really nice.

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        If I'm hungry, and it's too close to my bedtime, I like a Go-gurt (squeezable yogurt) w/a banana and slice of buttered toast or a small bowl of plain greek yogurt w/fruit and granola. My mom usually snacks on a sliced apple w/a little cheese and a handful of pecans. She takes her snack to bed so that she isn't as tempted to go back for more.

    2. How about an egg dish like an asparagus & sun dried tomato frittata or a spinach and feta omelet? When you have time on the weekends (or whenever your day(s) off are) you can saute up a bunch of different vegetables and keep them in the fridge to throw into the fittata or omelet so you don't spend a lot of time cooking at night when you get home. What about salads? The variations there can be endless and shouldn't be too heavy before bedtime.

      1. scrambled eggs, throw out 1/2 the yolks to save some fat and feel lighter going to bed. Add it back in in the form of goat cheese about 30sec before you're through cooking the eggs. Fresh basil is nice too. Sprinkle w/ maldon salt and drizzle w/ blood orange flavored olive oil. ummm.

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          I like the ideas of eggs (both suggestions) but always worried about the "too heavy" bit. I always keep the "just whites" refrig. eggs in the house, so I could "cut" those into a real egg scramble. These are good ideas. Thank you. Something nice about a warm egg dish in cold weather, too.

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            On the egg idea, how about making a quiche and having some of that? We make a cauliflower onion version that is great nuked til we finish the pan. Easy breakfast or anytime.

        2. Maybe a bowl of hot oatmeal with a couple of mix-ins? Nuts, a scoop of nut butter, some dried fruit. It's similar to cereal, but would be warm and tasty.

          Or you could make a batch of veggie enchiladas on the weekend and heat one or two up when you get home.

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            Of course, I will now be hitting the awful Taco Bell drive thru for some faux-Mex because you said "enchilada". But that is a great cooking idea for Sunday.

          2. What about a smoothie? Lighter end food and pre ground so a bit less possibly for your stomach to handle.

            I like popcorn personally though =)