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Mar 5, 2012 01:00 PM

3 joints in 24 hrs in San Diego/LaJolla/Gaslamp.??? Where to?

I need three joints to go to.

Also, No on:

El Indio.
Jack's at the Cove
Cafe 8 and 1/2.
Dick's Last Resort.

What is the name of the Grilled Fresh Fish joint, Bluewater Grill or Bluewater Market Seafood?

Also, is Bud's Louisianna Food Shoppe still around?

Is Toronado Bar and the Linkery in the same general area? 30th Street? Is it worth it going there instead of to the Gaslamp area?

And is Hoddad's beyond overrated or actually pretty darn good?

Thanks. Also, joints that I can espeically not get in LA would be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Kevin, post this on the San Diego board for better responses.

    1. I think you need to be a little more specific on what your requirements of places to go are...

      To answer your questions:
      - Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill - This was the place on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I think most people here would direct you towards Point Loma Seafood instead as the quality has taken a dip since being featured on TV
      - Don't know on Buds
      - Toronado is about 3 blocks north of the Linkery, easily walkable. There are many other bars and food areas there. It is probably more "chow-worthy" than gaslamp
      - For me, Hodad's is way over-rated.

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        I don't know about the quality of their cooked product (who the hell wants to wait in that line?),but the fish I've bought at Blue Water to cook at home has been as good as always. I've found it to be a tad bit better than El Pescador in that respect. Doesn't address the original post, though.

      2. Bud's is still open, but they've moved to Kearny Mesa on Viewridge off Balboa:

        1. The original comment has been removed