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Mar 5, 2012 12:53 PM

Anyone familiar with the oranges you get in Taiwan?

I don't know what they are called in English, but know my wife says they are called "pong gam". They are easy to peel, very juicy and very sweet. I've been eating these sumo mandarins non stop the past week or two and I'm beginning to wonder if these are one and the same. Although the sumos haven't been super sweet, more of a tarty sweet, which I enjoy.

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  1. Haven't tried them, but guessing she means 椪柑 (pèng gān; Citrus poonensis)? Doesn't look like it's exactly the same thing as the Sumo / Dekopon.

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      hmm, it's too close sounding to not be it... interesting, will have to see if i can find this any where in the states.

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        this is cool. from a website article: Japanese scientists first developed this mandarin in 1972. It’s a cross between a very large and very popular Asian mandarin called a Ponkan and the Kiyomi tangor. Which is itself a cross between an orange and a Satsuma mandarin. You see what I mean? This is a complex story full of twists and turns.

        Link here: