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Mar 5, 2012 12:52 PM

Key West list..looking for some feedback

I'm heading to Key West for the first time with my sisters in just 17 days! We'll be in KW for 4 nights. Looking for some feedback on our picks so far...

Cafe Sole
7 Fish
Santiago’s Bodega
El Siboney

Cuban Coffee Queen
any other recs?

We're hoping to try the fish tacos at Garbos Grill and chocolate covered key lime pie at Kermit's.

Any other must eat/drink spots?

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  1. 7 Fish is good. Also to think about

    Pisces - Seafood, small, romantic delicious.

    Big Fin Bistro - has a great outside area if the weather is right. I really enjoyed the pink shrimp from here.

    Croissants De France also has amazing key lime tartlettes and croissants

    Please seek out Garbos Grill. I loved their fish tacos and the owner/operators are very nice and tun to talk too.

    1. You might also want to consider Havana 1 (on Truman) for Cuban food. I haven't tried it myself (it is fairly new), but from the reviews I've been reading I will definitely be trying it when I am down in a couple of months.

      Your other picks look solid. Remember, Hogfish is on Stock Island, not Key West. I personally don't think it is quite what it used to be, but that's probably because they've become very popular and started making it more of a tourist destination. I like El Siboney, Cuban Coffee Queen, Sandy's, Bad Boy Burrito, and some of the offerings at Garbo's. I actually prefered the hot dog over the fish burrito. I also like La Trattoria on Duval.

      Kojin Noodle Bar also looks interesting. It looks pricey for that type of food, but I will check it out since there is no other decent asian food in Key West.

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        I love the BLT (bacon, fried lobster and tomato) sandwich at the Hogfish. The fish in general always seems very fresh. Also on Stock Island we like the Rusty Anchor for ultra fresh seafood and stone crabs. They have a little market in back where you can by stone crabs, lobster and fish for take-out as well.

      2. Heartily second Sarabeth's (closed Mon and Tues) and Seven Fish (closed Tues). At Sarabeth's I like to sit inside near the Key West book collection and read a little with my second cup of coffee- terrific coffee by the way. Last November we had a really good brunch at Square One- more of an eggs bennie place than Sarabeths, and were disappointed with the coffee, pastry and counter service at Croissants De France, but a sit down meal in the back garden with quiche and salad has been very nice on other visits.
        For drinks and appetizers try Nine One Five on the quiet end of Duval and sit upstairs on the porch in the Points Lounge or hit the Mallory Square end of Duval with a trip to A&B Lobster House which has a daily happy hour with 1/2 price appetizers and drinks. You can sit inside or outside overlooking the water.
        BO's Fish Wagon is worth a visit too for the fried fish sandwich.

        1. Here's one place that hasn't been opened long that is on my to-do list. If you like the idea of a neighbourhood bar in Key West.

          Happy Hour at Alonzo's ( 4.00pm-6.30pm) is also a great deal if you're sinking a few wets ones and don't feel up to formal dining.

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          1. re: CuthbertRizla

            I recently went to the Porch late November and loved it. Great beers on top. I love dogfish head 90 minute IPA.

            Word to the wise this is a very local bar, not a tourist bar. We noticed that this is where people who work in the area come after work to get a beer and relax.

            During peak times don't expect to get a chair out on the porch but we found that the area in the back near the bathroom was pretty empty. Staff was very very friendly as were the locals.

          2. Dinner Santiago bodega, louie's backyard, blue heaven
            Lunch. B.O.Fishwagon
            Brunch: blue heaven (would do both a breakfast and a dinner there)