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Mar 5, 2012 12:50 PM

"12 Bagels" Frankford and Tollway

I saw a sign in the Albertson's center on Frankford and the Tollway for a new bagel place called " 12 Bagels" . Has anyone heard anything about this place? It hasn't opened yet.

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  1. Saw the same sign. Did a google search and found nothing. Guess we'll have to wait til it opens to find out more.

    1. They are doing pre-opening this week.
      My husband went there on Monday and said they are pretty good, very fresh.
      He also said it sure is better than Einstein's, so i'm planning to go there on weekend.

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      1. re: jiinie

        It's interesting that they opened during Passover.

        1. re: mjtx

          You don't have to be Jewish to eat bagels!

      2. We stopped by Sunday about 2 but it was closed. there was a man inside reading the paper but the door was locked and when we peeked inside the cases looked empty. There wasn't a sign telling their hours and the man didn't come to the door.

        1. Still a mystery. No hours posted on the door. There is a sign that says "Free WiFi" on the window. No signs saying they are open. Tried calling a phone number I found online, but no answer.

          1. I went there yesterday morning. In my opinion, they are not very good. I had a plain bagel, untoasted, with plain cream cheese. It was way too soft throughout.

            Full disclosuer, I lived in NYC and can absolutely appreciate a good NY style bagel (my favorite was Bagel Hole in Park Slope) but still have a preference for Einsteins. 12 Bagels is closer to Einsteins in style so if that's what you want, go for it. They also upset a few customers in front of me because they charge $1 for butter. Be ready for that.

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              We stopped in the other day and had a bagel. It was still their soft opening so their selection was limited. The bagel was good I asked how much a dozen is and they charge $12.99 for a dozen. Deli News charges $10.99 for a dozen. I didn't see that 12 Bagels bagels were $2 better than Deli News.