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Mar 5, 2012 12:45 PM

Speculoos pate

DCM suggested here that speculoos pate deserved a thread of its own. I've never tasted it but have it on a shopping list for next visit. From what I've gleaned from earlier comments on Chow, I needn't consider any brand but Lotus. And then there is the smooth vs crunchy debate.

Then after I get it, what are its uses other than tartines? "Faux peanut butter cookies", I suppose but that's similar to the concept of using sables to make sables. (Ground speculoos + Bordier -> uber-speculoos?


Thoughts, please

(I should note that the cookies themselves don't move me. In fact, I have several pawfulls that came off United flights with me.)

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  1. My problem with Speculoos is it's extraordinarily sweet, thus my treasured jars seem to sit there and not get used, but crunchy far more than smooth.

    1. but yet at our house it's more like crack in a jar -- when I break down and buy a jar, it's gone within days (everyone seems to swipe a spoonful every time they walk through the kitchen).

      1. i was just going to suggest that you use it to frost cupcakes. And then I looked down the page and saw the next thread titled "Paris - Speculoos spread and cupcakes". LOL.

        And yes, only Lotus brand.

        PS, if you have a bunch of them that you won't eat, make them into a pie crust. They are very good substitute for graham crackers. Just be careful to reduce the amount of sugar in your filling as this base is sweeter than a graham cracker base.