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Anything good at Yonge/Sheppard?

I know there have been posts about this in the past but going through them a lot of the recommended restaurants seem to be closed now. I've worked here for a few years and while there are a lot of restaurants around, I haven't found anything I've really loved. I like Tuyen but it seems to have closed (? I haven't actually walked past it but their website is down and their phone is disconnected). The quality at Bar Burrito has gone downhill quite a bit. I tend to go for the dimsum at Furama but it doesn't blow my mind. In the summer I like the thai food cart up the street towards Empress Walk but that doesn't help me right now.

Anybody have anything good, ideally for takeout?

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  1. I like the set meals at Ten Ren, which is connected to Empress Walk on the outside around the corner from Staples. Very cheap and satisfying. Menu: http://www.tenrenstea.com/teatime/?pa...

    1. I live in the area and there is no place here that I go to at all. Closest place I'd go would be yonge/finch or congee wong at leslie/finch (they deliver to Y&S)

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        Thanks for the Congee Wong rec. I didn't realize they deliver (it's not noted on the website). I will try it sometime!

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          what about Ichiban on Spring Garden Gate?

        2. Sakura on Spring Garden has good value and is pretty good.

          1. Jerry's Fish and Chips at Sheppard and Senlac (If you're willing to walk 15 min to get there from Yonge Street). Its been there for eons. F&C are the main thing but they also do breakfast and some Greek food as well. Just a little hole in the wall place but I really like it.

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              I haven't been there in years but it used to be excellent.


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                drive by here all the time....love fish and chips too so I'll definitely make a point to stop in one day.

              2. I moved here from Yonge and Eglinton - and though there is nothing stellar out here , there are some places that I frequent.
                1.Cafe Mirage for the french toast- the soya cream is delicious
                2.Sakura for the tempura roll
                3. Peacock Express for Indian
                4.Shawarma Max for Falafel
                5.Owl of Minerva
                6.Thai Bistro
                7.Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

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                  I haven't been to Thai Bistro. Instead I've been hitting So Great Thai. Would you say that Thai Bistro is better? So Great is certainly far from perfect.
                  Instead of Owl of Minerva, I usually recommend Oh Guel Boh Guel which is right next door. I find it's food superior, unless you want pork bone soup. I do love The Owl for being open 24h though.

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                    Thai Bistro is better than So Great. The flavours are more Thai.

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                      Thai Bistro is terrible and dirty to boot. So Great started out ok but has gone down hill badly.

                      There really isn't a decent restaurant anywhere in the area. Chez Laurent is as good as it gets and that's only C+ at best.

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                      I haven't been to So Great . Its name puts me off :)

                  2. This is great, thanks! (and obviously, the more the better) I can confirm that Tuyen is closed, if anybody cares, although I don't know why - the sign in their window just says they didn't renew their lease.

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                      Yeah, I saw new signage being installed today for a new asian place where Tuyen used to be.

                      Best thing really close is the great pick-up or delivery from "The Chicken Place" on Willowdale Ave. - legit flame-grilled roast chicken, nice baked potatoes, forgettable frozen fries, interesting grilled chicken sandwiches, OK wings, but odd house-made sauce that doesn't appeal to me. Tuesday night is Family Special - whole chicken, 4 sides, 4 rolls for just over $15 bucks!

                      Aside from that, we usually head out of the neighbourhood or north to Golden Star Burgers or south to Burger's Priest for quickie food. East on Sheppard there's HoneyBears for a schnitzel on a bun at lunchtime, but not much that's interesting... Maybe this is where I'll open my hoagie shop :-)

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                        The new place opening is going to be Kenzo Ramen. Don't know if it's yet another location, or just the one from up the street moving to a bigger space.

                    2. Also, I remember, there is Dumpling King and Sushi Bong at Northtown way, which is about a 10 mins walk North. from Yonge and Sheppard. There is a newly opened Iranian restaurant in the same area-that I haven't tried.

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                        Forgot about that dumpling store....these are pretty good dumplings there! Also there is Inakaya on Willowdale. You could live in the area for a while and never know this place existed. Its definitely worth a visit.

                      2. I think most of the restaurants in the area are chains so unless you're into that sort of thing there aren't too many options. Bombay Bhel has decent Indian food although it is a bit expensive. I've never liked Shawarma Max. Ajisen Ramen is good too. Further up on Yonge closer to Yonge and Finch is an Iranian plaza that serves some really excellent kababs. While they're all pretty much the same I'd reccomend Altona Kebab which seems to have the freshest and bes quality meat.

                        1. Theres also a decent/cheapish sushi place by Bathurst and Sheppard called Wakame Sushi that does deliver. And if you don't mind heading a bit south Burger Priest is a few minutes away.

                          1. Mot Na Son is good, but it's a 10-15 minute walk north of Sheppard.

                            Mot Na Son Restaurant
                            5374 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5R5, CA

                            1. i) Sushi Bong - Good value for that sushi craving
                              ii) Thai Bistro - Authentic thai, poor eat-in experience though
                              iii) Vietnamese Delight - Best pho in the area, bar none
                              iv) Pastel (dessert) - Rivals the little pastry cafes in Tokyo!
                              v) Asian Legend - More refined asian food
                              vi) Izakaya Tsuki - Underrated isakaya joint
                              vii) Auberge du Pommier - For that splurge meal...
                              viii) Taro's Fish - Pretty authentic sushi
                              vix) Paradise Farms - Organic, tasty sandwiches and burgers

                              edit: Forgot about Dumpling King. Guy takes forever, but at least they're freshly made.

                              edit #2: The Kenzo ramen at Yonge/Shepp is okay, but the one at Yonge/Steeles is still superior.