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What's NEW in Kitsap?

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We new have a new place which is noteworthy; Hop Jack's in Silverdale on Bucklin Hill Road where the old Sandpiper used to be. This is a brand new building with view of Dye's Inlet and lots of windows so that even in winter, you get lots of light. The food is great and the staff is friendly and very efficient. It has been crowded since it first opened about a month ago, so parking has been a challenge, but there is a very large empty parking lot across the street if you don't mind waiting for traffic to stop to cross over.
I've had their prime rib french dip, hamburger, wings, bbq chicken quesadilla and "Kyles Damn Good Sandwich". All have been prepared with care and presented well, plus the quantities are not skimpy. Have not tried their signature martinis yet, but they are presented in a two-piece glass that has been frozen so you get an ice cold drink to the very last sip. I recommend Hop Jacks to anyone who loves a great bar and grill.

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  1. PS-their happy hour starts at 2 pm and the beer on tap is the coldest in town!

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    1. re: ljohaines

      Why would someone want the "coldest beer in town" unless it's terrible beer?

      1. re: slabbit

        I, for one love ice cold beer! Sorry you are having a bad day....thought this was a fun thing.
        Was just trying to give out some good advice. Have you not tried the place yet? Or if you have, what is your feedback on it.

        1. re: ljohaines

          I'm gonna try it, but the whole "coldest beer" thing turns me off since good beer shouldn't actually be served very cold. Kind of a big red flag in the pacific NW where people generally know this. The reason why the big microbrews promote the cold beer thing is because their beer tastes terrible, so if it's really cold, it's harder to tell.

          1. re: slabbit

            Oh, well I am a Nevada transplant so that probably explains it. In the hot desert, we loved our cold beer, ha! Anyway I have been in the gorgeous NW now about 12 years and do enjoy some of the micro brews, but still not a fan of the warmer stuff.
            Thanks for your advice. And I do hope you give Hop Jacks a chance, the food isnt gourmet but is well prepared and I will be happy to have them around for awhile.

            1. re: slabbit

              Sorry buddy, but since you are a "pacific northwesterner" you have probably not enjoyed the ecstasy of a good cold beer on a hot summer day. Fishing and beer.....Golfing and beer....even Lawn Mowing and beer....Ahhhhh!

        2. re: ljohaines

          They also have a great Bloody Mary and Lemondrop martini. IMO.

        3. Sorry to say that the last thing we need around here is another sports bar and grill. "Signature martinis", LOL. I'm unlikely to visit, but thanks anyway. Was there anything that stood out on the menu?

          While on the subject of bar and grills, I have to mention the Bremerton downtown one. Have visited a few times and nothing impressed me until I visited recently with two hungry children. They got slider plates from the kids' menu and they were awesome. First of all, you can get two or three, so customizable to the appetite. Yummy grilled mini burgers, not microwaved. Good buns. Alternatives to fries. All big pluses. I even went back for lunch after an appointment and was able to order this item. Thanks BB & G!

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          1. re: Jimisi

            Thanks for the update on BB&G, haven't been in awhile. Glad they are still doing well, it is a great place to dine outdoors in Summer.
            Back to Hop Jack's - I think their food is consistantly good, the french dip made with prime rib and real au ju was delicious. I hope you give this place a try. It's my new fav place in Kitsap. I don't think it is just 'another sports bar and grill'....but if that's not your thing.
            Please do let us know that places here that you DO like, we all love sharing ideas of good places.

            1. re: ljohaines

              Well, I think the best food in Bremerton at least is at Sabaidee. Terrible location, but nice inside. Solid service, and consistently delicious, amazing Thai & Lao food. Can't get enough of the stuffed chicken wings, Tom Yum soup, and Thai Pho. Great, and according to my Thai friend, very authentic. As great as the place in old town Silverdale is, this beats it!

              1. re: slabbit

                Can you tell us where Sabaidee is located? Thanks.

                1. re: ljohaines

                  Here ya go!

                2. re: slabbit

                  We went this week and really enjoyed the food and the service. Parking was small/tight but off street and free so not really a complaint there. Enjoyed the boneless stuffed chicken wings (server said that grandpa was in the back deboning as we spoke). The heat level on the curries were a bit warmer than normal. We all thought our dishes were delicious but a tad too hot for the star level we asked for. Note to self-ask for one star less than normal. Ambiance was also better than we expected. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Pho, Thai and Lao food. Thanks for letting us know about it slabbit!

                3. re: ljohaines

                  We did kind of need a new Kitsap thread, so thanks for starting this.

                  I do like Sabaidee, too, but haven't been in quite awhile, as I'm usually on the East side. Will try it again. I LOVE the tacos, especially carnitas, at La Esperanza on Wheaton, next to Goodwill. They are the best I've had around here and a good value.

                  Always love hearing about great food in our challenging area too.

                  1. re: Jimisi

                    Do you have any recommendations for Easter dining out? Most of the things I've seen are overpriced brunches. We prepare it at home mostly, but a few of us were looking to go out.

                    1. re: ljohaines

                      I'm sorry, I don't have any first hand knowledge. We like to cook brunch around here, too. I found a few on searching, such as the Resort at Port Ludlow, MorMor, maybe Molly Ward's? Maybe the Silverdale Beach Hotel? I think if I wanted an upscale experience, I'd head to Seattle, though. HTH

                      1. re: Jimisi

                        Best brunch I've had in Kitsap is at the Agate Pass Cafe in Suquamish. Really fantastic, Seattle-level food. Lots of people have been raving about the food at the Port Gamble General Store, but I haven't been there yet.

                        1. re: slabbit

                          Thanks for the recommendations! Would never had though of Agate Pass, will certainly put it on our list.

                          1. re: slabbit

                            Yes, thank you. Their menus are intriguing and I read some great reviews. Will report when I get a chance to try them.

                        2. re: ljohaines

                          We went to Anthonys in Bremerton, even though it was crowded, service was good and menu was as always, no "Easter" specials which appealed to us. May not be your destination spot, but consistantly fresh and the view was/is the best part.

                        3. re: Jimisi

                          Thanks for the Sabaidee reco. Will bring more friends to it. Quite good and off street parking.
                          Went last week to the Tea House in Port Gamble which turns into a Bistro By Night.
                          They presented a 3 course meal for $38. Great value. The chef did retro gourmet fare:
                          Dungeness crab salad with avocado and grapefruit along with homemade bread; coffee roasted rack of lamb (popsicles) on a bed of roasted spring veggies; flourless chocolate cake with fresh raspberries, raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream. Love these little finds!

                          1. re: ljohaines

                            That sounds like a great dinner ljo, thanks for the info.

                            Now, sadly, I must give a bad review of Hop Jack's. The '80s called and wants their restaurant concept back. The food was mediocre at best and I'm just glad it was happy hour so I didn't pay full price. Hated the faux industrial "look" and classic rock music. What a waste of a great setting.

                            One of the items I tried was chicken soup supposedly made fresh, one of three on the menu. If that's the case, shouldn't it be made with care? It was watery broth with mushy carrots, celery, and noodles. It did have a few pieces of decent chicken, although the dried parsley tossed on really was the last straw.

                            I suppose if you want a sandwich and a beer, it might be ok, but I don't care to find out. Sorry.

                            Has anyone tried Arena (yes, another "sports bar and grille") behind the Pancake House in Bremerton? Just curious.

                            Does anyone else wonder if the Kitsap threads would be better off in Greater Seattle?

                            1. re: Jimisi

                              Oh, so sad about your experience at HopJacks Jimisi.
                              Haven't tried Arena - will you report on it when/if you go?
                              Had an excellent lunch Saturday in Port Orchard at the Bay Street Bistro.
                              Long Island Clam Chowder; light broth laced with wine and garnished with a delicious fresh baby clam-Grilled romaine half with seasoned vinegarette and large shaves of parm-pork sliders; thin slices of roasted pork loin on homemade multigrain bun, topped with carmelized sweet onions and chipotely mayo. The cafe is cozy and friendly service. Would recommend the Sat. farmers market lunch to anyone who doesn't mind hunting for a parking spot that day of the week!

                    2. Update regarding Hop Jacks - The owners are now the new managers at the restaurant/lounge at the 'old' Silverdale Beach Hotel. Not yet sure of the new name, but the restaurant plans to be open by Nov. 1st, with all new menu. Weekend Breakfast that used to be at Hop Jacks will be moved to the hotel instead. Some of your favorite people from Hop Jacks will be working at both places. Looking forward to trying our our latest offering in Silverdale. Hope you will all come out to check it out and give our local guys a lot of support.