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Mar 5, 2012 11:50 AM

Best Affordable Place To Get A Wedding Cake?

I'm planning my wedding in Boston, but since I don't live there, I don't know too much about the vendors in the area. I'm looking for a bakery to make my wedding cake, and I'm kind of stuck, as every place I've been recommended seem to have mixed reviews. I'm also on a pretty tight budget, so that's not helping either - I'm expecting 200 guests, and my cake budget is $500.

Someone I know got a cake from Russos and said it was good and affordable, but when I called them, they said they charge $3.50 - $4.50 per slice - which is pretty much the same price as many bakeries (not inside grocery stores) charge. I then called Konditor Meister, which one of my friends used. They seemed ok, charged around the same price, but then some reviews I read online for them were horrible - apparently their cake tastes like sawdust? My friend seemed to really like them though. Does anyone have any suggestions on some places where I can get a cake for under $500 for 200 people that actually tastes good?

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    1. I think you are going to have a hard time sticking to the budget if you want a classically decorated wedding cake for 200 at only $2.50 a serving.

      I used The Icing on the Cake in Newton for my wedding, but think it cost us around $3 a serving or maybe a bit more. The cake was pretty good, but still kind of sweet with all the frosting.

      Here is another thread that might give you some ideas:

      summary: Quebrada bakery, Flour half sheet cakes for $100 each (serve around 40), Bella Moto (might have closed down), and local culinary students.

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        Bella Moto, my favorite cakery, has indeed closed, alas.

      2. Allstonian and I used Konditor Meister for our wedding cake (10 years ago this May!) and it by no means tasted anywhere close to sawdust.

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        1. Konditor Meister cakes are pretty consistent and we'd used them a lot for celebrations. I'd help planned a few weddings and quinceneras. Konditor Meister was the choice but you should come to a cake tasting to see if they are the right cake for you.

          Tips: depending on when you are serving the cake, you probably will not need 200 servings. In all the weddings that I have been too, cake was served after dinner...many leaves right after dinner and by the time the cake is served about 1/4-1/3 of the guests has left.

          Also, you can purchase a smaller wedding cake and order a sheet cake to be cut and served...this can save you some money here and still meet your budget. Most places cuts the cake back of the house so your guests won't know the difference anyhow.

          Best wishes and good luck in your search.

          1. Thanks for all the recommendations. Konditor Meister was actually not very expensive, and totally doable for us (a bit of a stretch, but not more expensive than the grocery store), I was just afraid because of the few crappy reviews that I saw about their cakes being dry. I think we'll go for a tasting there though and see.

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              Not a fan of Konditor myself. Cakes look nice but the ones I've tried have been unremarkable. Konditor seems to be the South Shore standard for celebration cakes(I've tasted at least a dozen since the mid-eighties) and almost everytime it's a white cake, white frosting, raspberry jam, *unripe* chocolate dipped strawberries, large flakes of white chocolate looking stuff mounded on top. I say white chocolate looking because I'm not sure if it's really white chocolate, and a white pastillage placard. I would opt for a less perfect looking cake that tasted good.

              1. re: T.Clark

                I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with T.Clark. I used Konditor Meister for my Downtown Boston wedding 3 years ago and it was beautiful and tasted as good as it looked. Granted, we had the tiramisu and red velvet flavors instead of white cake which may be why we loved it so much. Regardless, a cake tasting is essential.