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Business Dinner

Have to help pick a place for Monday evening (12th)

16-20 people to celebrate getting a big deal completed. The attendees are all fairly high up in their respective roles.

Past places a smaller version of this group has been Grill 23, Abe & Louis...

Any recommendations that would also NOT have a room fee? It doesn't have to be private, just accommodate the group. Half of us leave from Back Bay/Copley area, so that comes into play with vicinity.

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  1. I think Brasserie Jo will give you a private room without a charge.
    Mamma Maria is great for events like this, but that will require cabs to the North End.

    1. Davio's in the Back Bay would work. I think there was a similar post recently for a slightly smaller group.

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        Yea I saw that one ...for like 6 people...Davios is our building, so thats overused...I should have added that bit.

        They come to me to find new/fun spots, but they have to be tasty...

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          deuxave was very well reviewed by both devra first (globe) and mcslim (who posts here alot).
          Aquitaine on Tremont near Berkeley -is comfy, handsome, great service. Also have excellent steaks in addition to more French bistro fare. They's likely put you at a long table in the front.
          We always feel very happy and well cared for when we go there.

      2. Has anyone dined at Deuxave?

        1. How about the Salty Pig? Thought everyone is a big shot, who does not like celebrating making money by slaughtering and feasting upon the porcine carcass?

          1. does it have to be beef? what about island creek oyster bar? huge space and could accommodate a group that size.

            1. Room fees are always negotiable, better to do in person. Mortons is in the seaport area, smith and wollensky at Atlantic wharf.

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                neither morton's or smith charge room fees. very few restaurants do -- that's more of a hotel thing.

              2. Maybe Citizen's - for the whole roast pig?

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                  I would love to ... but this crowd wouldn't. It's going to be a "stuffy" evening Morton's might be an option....

                  Hotoynoodle - no, it doesnt have to be beef - I will give ICO a look

                2. Just a word to the wise: the Boston Seafood Show is March 11-13, so you may have a problem finding a reservation for that number of people-it may be more wise to head out to Cambridge.

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                    such a helpful tidbit for all of us. Thx!

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                      I sent the list of CH recommendaitons to the one in charge of paying/booking - Brasserie Jo was selected. I have never been, but looking forward to trying it out any specific dish there?

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                        i suggested brasserie jo to my b/f when he had co-workers in town not long ago and it was big hit. plenty for the both those with a slightly adventurous palate and the meat and taters crowd. solid pate and charcuterie, as well as steak frites. excellent alsatian pizza. i eat there often and am always happy. plenty of good values on the french wine list and martinis are served in giant bird-bath sized glasses.

                    2. Reporting back:

                      Ended up at Brasserie Jo in the private room, which was nice, but had that "empty feeling".

                      They had a very nice menu set up to choose from - plenty of food to make me feel like I needed an extra inch in the waist.

                      First Course: Crispy Pork Belly - in and of itself, very good. the sauce was a little over powering, almost leaving a acidic throat feeling. I would probably get it again, though might avoid the bathing it in the reduction.

                      2nd: Salad...standard

                      3rd: I went vegetarian to spice it up... Farro Rissoles- Raclette, Spinach ... they were (here's my ignorance) arancini in my eyes, though the rice was a little different - almost a wheat berry feel/taste etc.... 4 of them served over tomatos...nothing amazing

                      4th/5th: Cheese Plate/Trio of Desserts (Creme Brulee, Bread Pudding, Mousse) - good

                      Overall I would say that for a group of 20-40 this was ideal - very private and a nice long 5 course dinner to keep everyone social and talkative. Would I come back here with just my wife and I? I can't say I would anytime soon - I had a bad Chez Henri experience, RWeek at Petit Robert (SE) was awful....and this was so-so

                      where is the french food?

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                        You mean where can you find top notch french food in boston? bistro du midi, aquitaine.

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                          Not sure that you had the best of Brasserie Jo at your group dinner. You will find much better from the regular menu, and I must say that the place has been a dependably delicious favorite of mine for years. Give it another shot on your own.