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Mar 5, 2012 11:09 AM

ISO Liquorice Root

I want to buy liquorice root for a stew recipe I am trying later this week.
I am driving through Toronto to Pickering on Wednesday, so any place near 401 would be good. I was thinking Bulk Barn, Iqbal, or Johnvince, but don't know if it is there. Any suggestions?

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  1. that herbal place on the Danforth.
    Think its Ottways. if it isn't, its a block away from it.

    1. Not near the 401, but if you can't find it anywhere else, the Korean health food store on Augusta in Kensington Market has licorice root. They have whole pieces and also small cut/shredded pieces.

      1. Another place in Kensington Market that has it is House of Spice.