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Mar 5, 2012 10:16 AM

Vegetarian friendly in Buenos Aires + El calafate reccos

My husband and I will be in Buenos Aires for two days .. too short, unfortunately. He’s vegetarian, and I’m looking for recommendations on restaurants where he can have an enjoyable meal (and not just a random pasta dish thrown together to ‘accommodate’ vegetarians), but at the same time, I don’t miss out on a good BA restaurant experience.

Casa Felix has a vegetarian menu – would you recommend that? Would you recommend a puerta cerrada as a key BA experience we shouldn’t miss, or stick to regular restaurants since we’re just there for a couple of days (I went to the equivalent of a puerta cerrada in HK and loved the experience, so am leaning towards it, esp given Felix’s veg menu). Casa Mun and Salt Shaker aren’t open the days we’re there unfortunately.

Also, we’ll be in El Calafate for two nights – I’ve heard Don Pichon and Las Tablitas come up. Any views on those or other restaurants?

My other picks from the boards are below – any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Parilla: Don Julio, La Cabrera, Parilla Pena – if you had to pick just one, which would it be?
Lunch: choripan/empanadas – any specific place I should get these from, or any neighbourhood panaderia?
Gelato: Un Altra Volta, Persicco, Arkakao

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You may have used one of my posts as part of your research, so this may be double-counting, but Don Pichon in El Calafate is a must- I'm an extreme carnivore, so I didn't really pay attention to what their veggie options were- papas fritas were good :-)

    Of the 3 parillas you mention- Pena hands down.

    I didn't have much success with mind-blowing empandas, so good luck there, and as for gelato, Arkakao was by far our favorite.

    1. Hey Pigudel (or anyone else that wants to chime in) - any follow up report? I'm more or less in the same situation. My wife is vegetarian, and I'll eat just about anything. We're there for a few days, and I'm looking for recs for places that would be accommodating to her.


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        We went to Casa Felix, which was a great experience and great food as well. My husband enjoyed his vegetarian entree more than I did my fish though, so if you do go there, you may want to be vegetarian for a day :)
        the other places did have a couple of vegetarian dishes on the menu, so while not necessarily memorable, she will be able to get something.

        1. re: Pigudel

          Thanks! I emailed the folks at Casa Felix.

          Which parilla did end up choosing? Any other recommendations in particular?