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Feb 24, 2002 09:08 PM

Best Of San Diego Restaurant List

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Let's hear what you think is the best of San Diego

French: Tapenade
Chinese: Jasmine
Sushi: Taka
Burgers: Hodad's or Nessy's
Pizza: Bronx Pizza
Tacos: Tacos El Gordo Las Cuatro Milpas
Mexican: El Comal
Fast food: In And Out
Steaks: Dobson's
Thai: Bai Yun
Italian: you tell me

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  1. Based on highly limited exposure, I'd include Cafe Pacifica for seafood.

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    1. re: mc michael

      I'd add Piatti (La Jolla) as an Italian candidate, and Marine Room (La Jolla) for fish.

      Any of the fancy steak houses (Ruth Christ, etc) are bettter than Dobsons, I think.

      The real problem is to identify a Jewish Deli that even gets as highly rated as "mediocre" !

      1. re: bobl
        David Naimark

        It is upsetting that there is really no excellent deli in San Diego. I often find that the problem is one of consistency. For example, DZ Akins is generally acknowledged as the best of a weak lot and it often is pretty good. However, yesterday I ordered a Pastrami Sandwich to go that was absolutely inedible being about 85% fat. Obviously if I had been eating there, I'd have sent it back. Similarly, Milton's can be good or bad.

        Herschl's has been consistently poor, a moth/bug was in my soup during my last visit--they were apologetic and replaced the soup.

        I've had one recent decent meal at Blumbergs in La Jolla. Has anybody had any additional experience with this deli?

        1. re: David Naimark

          Blumbergs used to be known as Samsons until it was bought out by a family from South Africa. The matzo soups are ok, but their kreplach soups are pretty good. Sandwiches are only ok in my book; I'd prefer DZ Akins. Pastries at Blumbergs aren't bad, however, especially the poppyseed strudel.

          There is also City Deli in Hillcrest. Has anyone tried them?

          1. re: Jim Shih
            Andy Abramson

            The deli scene in SD is brutal. Miltons is way overpriced, Blumbergs has the worst service and I'm not too impressed with the quality of the prepared foods. Herschl's only consistency is their inconsistency.

            Now to the rest of the list.

            Steaks--Hand down it's Flemings overall. Better prices, better service and cooler people to hang with.

            How can Roy's not be on the list? This may be the best all around modern style restaurant in town.

            French has to be El Bizchoco at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. A close second has to be the new Mr. A's now that Fabric Polgin in cooking there. Sure Tapenade is worthy, but my experience last time there left me saying, so what's the big deal.

            I also can't accept a list that omits Pamplemousse Grill in Solana Beach. Sure it may be pricey but Jeffrey Strauss is without question in the top five in SoCal. I'll leave George's at the Cove out for now, as I've only been there for wine dinners, which is not a fair way to gauge things.

            My two cents.