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Mar 5, 2012 09:41 AM

Frantoia or Olio Carli?

So I want a good olive oil to finish some dishes like pastas, seafood, salads etc. and I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I do want some quality. From doing some research it seems like these two fall in the best bang for the buck category.
Olio Carli is a little cheaper for the size and it's easier to find deals on but I'm wondering if people have a preference and what they would pick and if the Frantoia is worth the extra $5 or so.

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  1. If you are talking Frantoia Barbera, it's a Sicilian oil.
    I have not tried Frantoia, but I'm a huge fan of Sicilian oil. IMO, it's the best for finishing as it typically has a more intense flavor and a nice spicy finish.
    When spending for the 'good stuff' make sure you get the current years harvest which is now 2011.
    If you find a discounted bottle, it's likely 2010. Look for a crush, or born on ( 'nata' ) date. If it has a best by date, subtract about 15 months from it and the autumn before that is the likely harvest.

    Again, sorry about not answering your question directly but here is my favorite oil for the money.