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Mar 5, 2012 09:12 AM

Can Anyone Recommend this wok Burner?

I am curious if anyone has any information on this burner.
for $26 it seems like an excellent deal.
it's for propane, made of cast iron, and is capable of 100k btu. It has an adjustable regulator so I should be able to fine tune the heat as well.
I can't find a name or brand anywhere on it, but I've included a picture.

Thanks for any and all help in advance :)
If no one has any information on it, I'm tempted to pick it up and see how it does. for $26 I really won't be out much at all.

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  1. Looks like that one is a mistake - the other are $99 and up. I'm guessing the seller screwed up when posting that one for $26 - jump on it ...

    Oh wait ... that's one you can bid on. The buy it now version is $99. Ah well. There are reputable companies that make outdoor wok burners - about 55,000 BTU for about $35-50. I'd go with a tried and true solution.

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    1. re: PepinRocks

      That makes way more sense. I was looking at "buy it now" only on my previous search and the settings must have gotten reset. I was all excited there for a moment :P
      Thanks for setting me straight.

      I was originally looking at the outdoor burners you mention but I though I would look around to see if there were other burners I just didn't know about.

      Thanks again :)

    2. I bought this exact one for around 99USD or so.

      It works very well, the power is more than you will need, make sure you use it outdoors.

      I've since upgraded to one with an automatic ignition, this one you can light a pilot light but I doubt you would keep (or be able to keep) the pilot light on outdoors all the time.

      see one of my vids I made for fun

      I think this vid shows a dai pai dong using it as well

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      1. re: doctorandchef

        Thanks for your experience with this burner :)

        It seems like the more I read about these burners the more I'm steered toward the lower BTU range.
        From what I gather High heat output is great for putting a lot of product through the wok like at a restaurant, but for home use a 30 to 50 btu burner is plenty to get some nice wok hei flavours for a single dish.

      2. That looks exactly like the one I just received last week. Bought mine from a restaurant supply company. Called a "Thunder, model 5B" I think. Only cooked on it twice so far, but it has plenty of BTUs! The only problem I have had is getting the regulator tight enough to allow the gas to flow. At first I couldn't get any gas flowing. Then I took the regulator off, and re-installed as tight as I could get it - finally got flames. Be careful with all the BTU ratings out there - it seems the same unit is advertised at everything from 55K BTUs to 120K. On the site I bought from, it was rated at 76K BTUs. At first I thought that would not be enough, but after two uses, my biggest issue is keeping the heat down enought that I don't incinerate my meal in the blink of an eye!. It has given me a great deal of respect for those in the wok kitchens that make it look so !#$# easy!