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Mar 5, 2012 09:06 AM

Pork with walnut sauce - any vegetable suggestions?


inspired by "Culinary Artistry", I've served pork meat with walnut sauce a couple of times. I think the combination was brilliant, but I'm having problems coming up with vegetables to go with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Last time I think I used some green beans, it was ok, but I'm not really a big fan of beans.


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  1. I think deep leafy greens would work. Rapini, mustard greens etc. Sweet potato gnocci.

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    1. re: monavano

      my first thought was bitter greens too, especially if you are serving pork loin.

      for other color on the plate, perhaps roasted pepper, pureed with some chili flake, on toasted baguette slices. (or skip the bread if you're watching carbs.)

      1. Wow - I JUST made that the other day! A homemade sauce with 2oz of processed walnuts and let it simmer for long enough that the nutty goodness was just infused throughout the sauce. And served the pork over a bed of steamed spaghetti squash, with the sauce over the pork. It was just great - spaghetti squash is nice and light and compliments nearly anything.

        In general pork and squash are natural partners. Good luck!

          1. re: visciole

            We are big fans of the little cabbage that could! We have them 1-3 times a week. But ... with that walnut sauce ... I'd still think that a bed of spaghetti squash is perhaps a better pairing.

            Or ... make both ... that's easy too. You're just gonna steam them anyway ...

            1. re: PepinRocks

              I have never made that walnut sauce so I'm sure you are more qualified to judge. I'm just on a big brussels sprouts kick lately, and they sound good with just about everything!