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Mar 5, 2012 09:00 AM

Aida - A Taste Of The Mediterranean (Richfield)

I tried going to the new Mediterranean restaurant in Richfield on Saturday. It would have been my second trip and was excited to take family who was in town. We showed up around 12:30pm and the place was packed. We decided to take a little sight-seeing drive and came back around 1pm to find the place even more packed. I'm excited that these folks are getting good business. It just means that I'll have to start going at off-peak times!

There was also a good story about the restaurant in the local paper. The owner's husband is Egyptian and they've hired two Egyptian chefs who create all of the food there. It was a good article and made me want to go back even more!

If the mods of this forum want to combine with the other Aida thread - great. But the old thread had the restaurant name spelled incorrectly in the thread title.

2208 W 66th St, Richfield, MN 55423

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  1. We were there at 1:00 on Saturday as well! there was a groupon now for that day, which seemed to be what brought so many people in at that time. The food was really good, but they were overwhelmed. My husband ordered a gyro platter with french fries. It never came with our other food. I reminded the lady who was bringing the food out about it. Then...nothing. After about 25 minutes I asked about it again, and it was obvious it was completely forgotten about. They asked my husband what he wanted again, he said the gyro platter with fries and hummus. 15 minutes later we got a gyro platter with baba ganoush and rice. oh well. I will cut them slack for being new, but really they shouldn't have agreed to the groupon so early on. On the plus side, the chicken kabob was so delicious and moist, the rice was very nice, prices very reasonable, and the owners are very pleasant. I am looking forward to going back once they have the kinks worked out.

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      Interesting about the Groupon. I'm not into those fancy web-savings deals so I never would have known.

      As for the service, the article that I read did say that this was the owner's first ever restaurant. I expect that they will have a much longer learning curve than most restaurants. However, if the food remains good across the menu board, I won't mind if they make mistakes and bring me the wrong meal.

    2. Unfortunately our software doesn't enable us to combine threads. But, here is a link to the previous thread.

      Also, for the sake of the search engine, we will make your suggested correction to the title of the old thread.

      1. I've been there twice on Wednesdays . . . busy enough but not overwhelming. I've loved the food. The steak sharwa - actual fillets on a vertical spit, not a pressed cone - is wonderfully spiced (gotta try the chicken.) The tabouli salad was full of flavor, the falafel had great crunch (though it did fall apart a bit.) I think it's fab!

        1. I finally made it back to try the Kofta Kabob. I noticed that they've modified the menu a bit. It's different than the old menu, which is still on their website. However, the kofta kabob lived up to my expectations. I ordered it with the fiery red sauce and was delighted. It was spicy and tasted good all at the same time. Now I'll have to branch out and try more menu items.