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Mar 5, 2012 08:48 AM

Places in the CBD/Warehouse

we will be in New Orleans weekend, I am beyond excited! Our big dinner at Herbsaint is already planned, but I would love suggestions in the area of our hotel (on Camp street) for breakfast, lunch, bakeries, cocktails or any great food/live music experiences. We are from NYC and are open to any type of food, any price range. Thank you!

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  1. Red Gravy has some outstanding food for breakfast or lunch. Ruby Slipper is fine too. Go to Domenica or Luke for their 3/6 PM happy hour half price drinks, half price pizza at Domenica and 50 cent oysters at Luke. Bon Ton is outstanding creole but they are closed on weekends. Grand Isle has good seafood. Lucy's is a great bar with good bar food on Tchoupitoulas.

    Red Gravy @ 125 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 504 – 561 – 8844.
    Lucy's Bar @ 701 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 504 - 523 - 8995.
    Bon Ton Cafe @ 401 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA. 504 - 524 - 3386.
    Domenica @ 123 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA. 504 - 648 - 6020.
    Grand Isle @ 575 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, LA 504 - 520 - 8530.
    Luke Restaurant @ 333 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA. 504 - 378 - 2840.

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      Wow, thank you so much for the great list, and the links too! I love Chowhound.

    2. August for lunch. Cochon Butcher. MiLa. Root. I agree with Littleman about happy hour at Domenica. There's a new place just on the other side of Canal called Sweet Olive, run by the team behind the excellent Coquette uptown.

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        Everything above plus Emeril's and Rio Mar. You are in an area where it might be easier to say where not to eat as there are so many good choices in a six block radius in the WH district

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          Sweet Olive is in the new Saints Hotel on Canal. Tommy's Cuisine is very good too. American Sector in the WWII DDay Museum is another John Best place with 3/6 PM happy hour half priced drinks and 75 cent sliders. Manning's is a new sports bar on S Peters and Ernst Cafe is across the street. Ernst has a good happy hour too.

        2. For cocktails, stop into Bar Uncommon, in the Pere Marquette hotel on Camp (next to MiLa). Chris McMillin, the bartender there, is truly a master and it's an experience not to be missed. Put yourself in his hands and drink whatever he decides to make you.

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            Great suggestion, we will try that for sure!

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              I saw on another site (Yelp maybe) where Chris had left Bar Uncommon, but his wife Laura was still there. Can any of the locals confirm? If true do you know where he went? He is a one of a kind bartender

            2. Merchant, for espresso and light lunch fare....wine as well. http://merchantneworleans.com/
              It's on Common betw Baronne & Carondelet.

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                Thanks everyone for the helpful comments! We had a fantastic weekend of full bore eating. Highlights were: happy hour at Luke--we had a dozen oysters, half dozen shrimp, and a few beers. The wonderful oyster guy behind the bar gave us a additional half dozen oysters for free so we could taste different kinds, he even set up a blind taste test for us!
                Lunch at Couchon was terrific. When we sat down, a very elegant lady was dining alone at the table next to us. She had the pan roasted oysters, the mushroom salad, and a glass of white wine. I followed her lead and it was the perfect lunch (of course we ordered a bunch of other stuff too!) we got to talking and she ended up giving us most of her dessert. What a town.
                We had a very good dinner at Patois, but I thought Herbsaint was better. Ruby slipper for breakfast--my husbands shrimp and grits were quite good but my oatmeal raisin pancakes were too heavy. We had a fun before dinner beer at Circle Bar--i love that place.
                Thanks again for helping to make it a great eating adventure!

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                  Thanks for sharing your experiences! We are going to Herbsaint while in town in April, so it is nice to hear you enjoyed it! Does Luke just do raw oysters? I have yet to have any while in town.

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                    Luke has a full menu of brasserie type fare, and they also have a great happy hour from 4-6 I believe, when the raw bar and drinks are 50 percent off. I didn't try the other food, but I highly recommend the oysters and gulf shrimp there. The best oysters I had on the trip were the pan roasted oysters at Couchon. At Herbsaint I had the shrimp and grits and the lamb neck, both excellent. My husband had the baked crab and we both thought it was a little bland. He had the curried shrimp for his main and liked it. The chocolate pudding cake was ridiculously rich and good, if you like that kind of dessert. Enjoy your trip!

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                      Try the baked oyster appetizer at RioMar. My mouth waters thinking about it!

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                        Luke's HHis 3-6. 50 cent local oysters, not 50% off the raw bar. Libations are 1/2 price.