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Mar 5, 2012 08:47 AM

Looking for a big brisket

Where is the best place to pick up a big brisket for a decent price? I'm looking for something probably at least 10 lbs (or so) for oven-braising (not BBQ). I'll be feeding the thankless hordes for a Passover seder and brisket a la Jewish mother is always a big favourite at our house. I've gotten fairly large brisket at Costco but usually have to buy two of them and often they're trimmed a bit too lean.

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  1. I've bought a whole Packers Brisket (untrimmed) from European Poultry & Meats. They are located near the Warden & Eglinton intersection. I'm not sure if they always have it in stock so you might want to call ahead. Can't remember the price but it was very reasonable.

    1. Skyland always has a few 10 lb briskets in cryovac, around $3/lb. There are usually some with good marbling and a fatty strip in the center.

      I have done a tagine braise with one; it was tender and moist, maybe better than BBQ-smoked which may go dry.

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        Hey jayt90,
        Do you know if sky land is still carrying large pieces of brisket?

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          I have moved away from GTA so don't know. Call them. It was located on the west wall, close to pickled pigs feet.

      2. There is no better place for brisket than Nortown (Eglinton is their main store, but they have branches--check on line) It is essential that you order ahead. They make very good gefulte fish, either sweet or salt and good horse raddish is available there. It is a kosher style butcher, but the meat is not kosher.

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          Just re read my post. Nortown is not inexpensive, but honestly it's worth the extra money to get a properly butchered roast, with the right amount of fat. They sell single and double brisket.

        2. Nortown is excellent quality, but you pay for it.

          I've had good luck with the St. Lawrence butchers, too. Forget the damn name of the place, but it's the one on the western-ish side of the building, running north-south. They'll sort you out.

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            1. Last one I bought was 11+lbs from European Meats.


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                Galleria has some good looking angus ones with much better fat content than the ones I have seen/bought from skyland. Being a better cut it is pricier though. I believe it was $4 or $5 per pound.