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Mar 5, 2012 08:41 AM

Date Data on posts: Origination and Last Post

First-- does this exist and I'm just not seeing it??

Following each topic title, a small series of numbers indicating month/year of topic creation and month/day/year of last post.

There is nothing I hate more-- or feel more embarrassed about-- than replying to a post that was a "link through" at the bottom of one I was reading, only to discover that it originated in 2007 and the last comment was on the same day it began.

To wit:
[my dates are fake, but you get the point] Topics from the General ChowHounding Board:

I could just live on ______ [10/2007-2/29/12]

Gentleman's Relish [2/2012-3/5/12]

Is all 100% grass-fed beef pasture-raised? [6/2006-7/12/06]

I realize that I'm asking for a change to the entire way things are labeled, but REALLY, this would be such a huge help for me as CHOW grows and grows.

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