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Mar 5, 2012 08:13 AM

Restaurant Suggestions for a Bachelorette Party in the Downtown Toronto Area?

Looking to pick a restaurant for a friends bachelorette. Will be 8 or 9 women all in their early 30's who love to cook and appreciate great food. Hoping to find a place that has a lively scene, in addition to great culinary delights. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. We held my friend's bachelorette (almost the exact same specs as yours in terms of group size/demographics) last winter at Marben and had a great time - good atmosphere, a good sized group for a long table, great food and a good cocktail list and you're well placed if you want to move on somewhere else.

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      ugh. i went to marben last week for brunch. i was completely unimpressed with their service. so unimpressed that we left.

      we arrived around 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon. not busy at all. they went to seat us close to the door- windy and cold. we politely asked to be moved further in...not sure who we were speaking with (blonde guy, glasses)-sort of sneered and moved further in...and with a sarcastic "is this far back enough for you?" he threw down the menus and walked away...

      ok. well- we could've done without the attitude- but we heard the food was great- so we persisted on.

      i had called two days before and specifically asked if we could get items off the lunch menu even though it was brunch. one of my friends is veg. whoever i spoke with said "of course! and if there's nothing she likes there- we always are really accommodating for vegetarians". sounded perfect.

      so we look over the brunch menu- nothing great. but their regular lunch menu- with the gnocchi is exactly what she wanted- or even just the mac and cheese. but nope. we were informed - sort of rudely- that no, we can't. brunch only. that was it- end of story.

      we left. i really wanted to try this place. really wanted to like it- because of all the great reviews on here. but such poor service? totally ruins one's appetite.