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Mar 5, 2012 07:38 AM

Asheville, NC: Place for Casual Reception/Private Party?

What places in Asheville do private receptions? Not a fancy reception-- just looking for a casual couple of hours of drinks and appetizers/snacks for about 20 people. The big restriction is that this is for a Sunday. Good beer selection is a plus. Would like to avoid just having 20 people show up somewhere, plus an advance, pre-paid budget/set-price is much preferable (instead of a tab... it's a long story as to why). Lexington Avenue Brewery is the one place I've found (I've requested some more info from them).

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  1. Bouchon has a private room that should work for 20.

    1. Barley's will reserve the upstairs for private parties. Pretty casual, pool tables available, decent beer selection. No idea of their pricing, but it was inexpensive enough that the meager budget where I used to work would actually cover it for our off-season holiday party. Plus enough options to cover the vegan/vegetarians in the group.

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      1. re: meatn3

        that sounds like a great suggestion. pizza is just adequate at Barley's, but it sounds like this is more about the party and less about the food. Beer selection is amazing.

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          We had the holiday party at Grey Eagle for a while - food was better, but the space was really too big for our group - it just didn't work well in the "bonding" aspect.

      2. The Junction! It would be perfect :)

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        1. re: caiogirl

          If the Junction does the private party/set menu thing, it would indeed be a HUGE improvement in food over either Barley's or LAB. Are they open on Sunday night? The owners are very engaged so I would think you would have a pleasant planning experience. PLUS...parking for a crowd would be so much either there than any downtown place.

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            Unfortunately the Junction is not open on Sunday nights (only open for brunch). This place was a great suggestion, though. Everyone is staying at the Doubletree near the Biltmore, so this would have been a bit more convenient too (esp with parking, as you mentioned).