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Mar 5, 2012 07:21 AM

Boylans soda in Nashua/Manchester

Anyone know where you can buy it ? Trader Joes used to carry it, but hasn't had it for a while now. The Boylans website only has NY and NJ dealers listed.

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  1. try calling the beer store...for some reason i think they have's on amherst street

    also try calling fotenes market...i think that's the spelling...out near the landfill

    1. Next time you come to Florida, stop in at Big Lots, the remainder store. We are awash in this stuff. Always different flavors. Last month it was black cherry.

      1. Bellevance is the distributor, so I'd call them to find retailers.

        1. Harvest markets in Hollis and Bedford, NH carries it. Bought some last weekend!