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Mar 5, 2012 07:14 AM

More "Fun" Wine Experiences

This, at a restaurant that was recently named the top restaurant in our county:

1) The waitress immediately removed the wine glasses from the table upon being seated
without having asked us if we would be partaking. (decorative?)

2) The wine menu was removed from the table prior to the dinner menus being removed.
(we had to ask for her to return it)

3) The waitress was not familiar enough with the wine menu to answer questions.
Presumably, there was no one else on duty who knew it any better.

4) The glasses of Project Paso chard were ice cold.

5) The half bottle of 2006 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau Franc La Rose, JEAN LOUIS
TROCARD was room temp and not cellar temp.

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  1. please, please, please do not take away the drink menu! i love to order my first glass to sip on while picking out and waiting for the food, but often want to change up the second glass to pair better with my choice.

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    1. re: jamieeats

      I retain the wine list, until I am ready to let it go, and explain such.

      As for the wine glasses, many ARE decorative, and so long as they are "replaced" by appropriate stemware, I never bother to really notice. If they are small bowled, I will usually ask that they be removed, and specify the type of stemware that I want.

      As for the wine service - well, I am so sorry.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        I guess that it was the suspected implication of removing both the wine glasses and the wine menu prematurely that was bothersome.

    2. If this is the best restaurant in the country, I wouldn't presume there was no one else on duty who knew it any better - I would actually presume something worse.

      There is someone who knew better, and she could not be bothered to go get that person.

      There is usually, at any uber high quality restuarant as you may know, a sommelier or deputy somellier always on duty. The wait staff should suggest to bring that person over if they are out of their depth. When they don't , for me, it becomes super awkward. I don't want to explicitly say, I don't trust your clearly weak suggestions please get the sommelier.

      Especially since after all that fuss, I am not a big spender.

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        1. re: jlbwendt

          Whoops! Good catch. I guess based on the county, the best restaurant may not have anyone regularly around who understands the wine list.

          1. re: goldangl95

            The wine list is 10 pages long. One would think that they would either have better trained wait staff or, a som on duty.

      1. What time and day of week were you there?

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        1. re: Chinon00

          Prime time. 7:00 PM on a Saturday night.

        2. I do recall going to a byob one night w/ a bottle of Champagne. To my surprise they brought us out Chanpagne flutes for the wine. I thought that's pretty nice for a byob. We returned again maybe a month later this time w/ a bottle of still white wine. And they brought out Champagne flutes again. Confused I tell the server that we'd take plain white wine glasses please. The server tells me that these are their white wine glasses.

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          1. Another one. I was alone in a Belgian pub and ordered a glass of wine from a hipster waitress. Comes in the standard stubby wine glass. A group next to me whom the waitress is friendly with order wine as well. But their's comes out in beautiful 8" tall stemware. So I finish my round and ask the waitress can I have what they're having anticipating the same stemware. But again I get the stubby glass. So I ask the waitress why do they get different stemware. She responds because they "comp" her at their restaurant.

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            1. re: Chinon00

              I have a tendency to BYO a lot and to try to go to places where I am going to get a decent wine glass. However, I have friends who go so far as to bring their own glasses with them when they take a bottle (or 3) with them to a restaurant. One day we were having dinner when the table next to us asked the same question, why do they get such nice glasses? My friend immediately pulled out two more glasses and offered them to the couple to use. You never saw such shocked look as was on the face of the wife. But they did accept and as it turned out, they started attending some of our gatherings later in the year.