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Mar 5, 2012 07:13 AM

Westchester and kids

Hi Everyone,

We are 2 families wanting to meet for Sunday brunch/lunch somewhere in Westchester.
Looking for family friendly, kids are 10 & 11 but someplace we can sit and not be rushed

Any suggestions?


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  1. I had lunch at Yard House in Ridge Hill Yonkers last weekend with my sister in law and nephews (ages 5 and 11).
    Large booth, good kid's menu, and we did not feel rushed at all. There were lots of kids under 12 having lunch with their families (and several strollers parked in the vestibule). Food was pretty good.. I had the seared ahi sandwich and truffle fries, Sis in law had the pear and gorgonzola salad and a burger, boys had chicken strips, and we shared nachos. (This was about 3pm on Saturday)

    They also have lunch specials on weekends, several selections under $10.

    1. Irish coffee Shop on McLean Ave.
      Mickey Spillane's - Eastchester
      Molly Spillane's - Mamaroneck
      Maggie Spillane's - Fleetwood
      Piper's Kilt - Riverdale or Eastchester
      Katie's Cottage - Yonkers
      Restaurant X - Congers (real foodie brunch).