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Mar 5, 2012 05:50 AM

quiet place for dinner for 10 people - around $40 entrees

HI, we are having a pre-wedding family dinner for about 10 people in Las Vegas in April. 5 of the group will be eating fish for Good Friday and the other 5 are open, so need seafood options. Most of the group is older, so have to stay away from spicy food. The main purpose of the dinner is to socialize, so we have to have a place that is not too loud- so we can hear each other. Looking for entrees around $40. Any suggestions? I have been looking at Jullian Serrano and AquaKnox. Any help would be great.

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  1. Julian Serrano is not terribly quiet, especially since the walls are all open and it's pretty close to the casino floor. I was at Jaleo last week and while it's also not very quiet, they seemed to have a small private room that you could ask about? Or what about American Fish? Scarpetta was pretty quiet (although we were there pretty late) and had some great fish options...