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Mar 5, 2012 01:04 AM

anyone making their own tortillas?

I drove south on Victoria today and noticed a lot of mexican places. Is anyone in Vancouver making fresh tortillas?

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  1. Those places on Victoria Dr don't make fresh tortillas. Dona Cata, for example, gets their tortillas from the Que Pasa factory in Richmond. There at the factory, they actually have a small deli where you can eat the tortillas they make on the premises. You can also get freshly ground masa if you want to make your own tortillas. Not really a destination type of place...except for the Mexican groceries and the masa, though.

    I haven't been to a couple of the newer Mexican places that have opened up in the last year or two (e.g. The Mexican....though I suspect they don't make tortillas fresh).

    Not the same at all but you can get good freshly made pupusas at Riconcito Salvadoreno on Commercial Dr.

    1. i don't know where to get FRESH commercially made tortillas made in Van area - but i do make my own at home sometimes. We have Latin American friends in Van who make them daily and they are masters at it! (make the dough with Maseca, avail at any IGA or Safeway, they add a bit of that white powder but i think some Maseca comes with that lime in it already ... pinch out a bit with fingers, roll in to a ball about size of golf ball, put in your hand press (tortilladora) that is lined with a plastic bag (ie the dough gets squished between the two layers of plastic, just a vegetable bag from the supermarket is fine, the ones that are kind of hazy plastic) then cook on a preheated HOT electric griddle til it bubbles. turn a couple of times, layer them up in a cotton cloth in a basket.

      team effort, it is fun and esp good with ones own homemade rice, beans and salsa (incl a tomatillo verde sauce)

      this is my favourite New Vancouver-Canadian ethnic food - esp the way our friends make it and share so willingly no matter how many at their table.

      i think our friends participate in the Maya Garden at UBC so if you are interested in this style of cooking, that would be a great place to visit and learn and talk to real cooks during the various events that are held out there.

      i have recently bought some corn tortillas at that little stall in Lonsdale Quay. I think they taste pretty good.

      the que pasa store in richmond also sells the corn husks for tamales - another of the ambitious cooking projects i had and researched to the hilt and ... i still have husks. The handy thing about Que Pasa is that they will mail some supplies to you so if you're not in greater vancouver, you can still get husks etc.

      1. The only place I have noticed making their own tortillas is the food truck Tacofino...

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          Actually, Bandidas on Commercial makes their own ... but the downside (for purists) is their filings are vegetarian.

            1. re: 1newyorkguy

              I just read elsewhere that the newly opened Patron's on Robson has house-made tortillas but the rest of the writeup wasn't uber positive.

              Did not realize Tacofino made their own. Do you know if they make both the flour and the corn that they use, ls?

              1. re: grayelf

                I just noticed that the flour tortilla of my Tacofino taco had the same texture and imperfect shape of my own homemade tortillas...

                1. re: lunchslut

                  Colour me impressed that you make your own flour tortillas! I've been getting my Tacofino fish tacos with corn tortillas because I prefer the flavour and it reminds me more of tacos in Baja -- the last flour one I had was in the summer so I didn't remember what they were like.