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Mar 5, 2012 12:57 AM

Finally made it to A-Won. Great korean sushi if you're careful.

this was not a place to go and get sushi by the piece, nor a sophisticated omakase.

Rather - there are only two dishes on the menu (beside the fish soups) to get involving the raw fish so far as we could tell.

We got an order of the hue dup bap and an order of the al bap. The hwe dup bap is the ultiamte fresh tasting spicy tuna roll of your dreams. Shredded lettuce mixed with raw fish pieces(of a grade that wouldn't warrant sashimi approaches, apparently) warm rice, carrots (?) and a lovely sweet-spicy sauce (hotter than a bibim bap sauce to my palate) that's tossed extensively (thank you, server) and then we shared it in bowls.

The al bap is assorted fish roe with sesame and seasonings on rice - beautifully presented and then tossed. Also eaten in bowls. Three kinds of panchan accompanied the fish - not extensive but fine. Also, miso soup - it's a korean take on japanese cuisine. There were three of us. Two split a beer (large OB) and one coke. altogther about $40 before tax and tip.

think of it as a substitute for a place where you'd demand a spicy tuna roll, not a temple of traditional japanese sushi and sashimi. If you go expecting the latter, you will be angry disappointed and motivated to flame online. But if you go with the former in mind, you'll have a deliriously good time and want to go back immediately.

At least I did.
913 or so, S Vermont, near Olympic.

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  1. i had a great cooked mackerel there once. it was actually outstanding. i've thought about going back a few times but wind up down the street at Parks bbq instead when i'm in the area. there was just nothing really that drew me back, i liked the hwe dup bap just fine, but maybe not enough to return. it's not close to me i guess that's why, if it was closer to my work i'd probably be there twice a week for lunch.

    1. I used to go there for Hwe Dup Bap, but then I discovered Arado.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        what is Arado??? please share :)

        1. re: Clyde

          Korean Japanese restaurant, on Wilshire (x-street Wilton). Down the street from M-Grill.

      2. We go to A-Won frequently, and always order the hwe dup bap and al bap. The hwe dup bap is more about volume than finesse, but the dressing is indeed excellent. I'm sure there's better al bap somewhere, but not really sure where, since the lamented demise of Odae-san as a sashimi specialist: Arado's has seemed more or less the same as A-Won's. As you say, the panchan is nothing to get excited about.

        2 other good things we often order at A-Won: grilled eel, piled high with sweet hot ginger; and the fish cake soup, as simple and soothing in its impact as matzo ball soup, only with mystery fish and tofu skin instead of chicken fat.

        1. part of the point is (given these recs) DO NOT go expecting fantastic nigiri sushi. It's not about that.