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Mar 5, 2012 12:40 AM

Let's Play Burger Bingo

All -

Looking for recs for a list of burger places in SD. Going to try to do a burger "crawl" with a set of friends and need to start with a good list. Thanks in advance!


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  1. My list so far is courtesy of Erin Jackson and the AHT website:

    The Linkery
    Burger Lounge
    Rocky's Crown Pub
    Crazee Burger
    Crest Cafe
    Blueprint Cafe
    Canada Steak Burger
    Corvette Diner
    The Waterfront
    East Village Bowl & Tavern
    Cowboy Star
    Urban Solace
    Classics Malt Shop
    Bare Back Grill
    R-Gang Eatery
    Sessions Public
    Station Tavern
    Yard House
    Encinitas Ale House
    Quality Social
    Ave 5
    Rocky Bottom Brewery
    Knotty Barrel
    Fleming's (bar menu)
    The Palm (bar menu)
    House of Blues
    Hash House A Go Go
    Karl Strauss
    Slater's 50/50
    Urge Gastropub
    Sublime Ale House
    Carnitas' Snack Shack
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Dog House Diner
    The Habit
    Five Guys
    In N Out

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    1. re: timsd

      Please add:

      Studio Diner - patty melt (please chime in BC)

      Public House

      Ritual Tavern


      Here's a good thread for you:

      1. re: cstr

        Studio Diner makes a kick ass Patty Melt...
        Good call sledge!
        ; )

      2. re: timsd

        Pretty much every decent restaurant in SD has a burger on the menu ( there might even be a law that it is a requirement when opening in SD) and so the list could be nearly endless - a few obvious misses as they are some of the best we had in SD - Starlite, Farmhouse Cafe, Jaynes Gastropub

        1. re: honkman

          I can't decide if that long list is wonderful or depressing. In Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Portland, and many other places, that would be the list of epic places to eat. sigh....

          1. re: Dagney

            And in SD we have epic burger places!

        2. re: timsd

          Since you have Burger Lounge and Smashburger, you're missing The Counter. There's also a place called cheeburger cheeburger (I think) that is along the same lines.

          For the fast food range, you're missing Elevation Burger which I think is better than In-N-Out.

          I also second honkman's comment that pretty much every restaurant in SD has a burger and it is an unwritten law to have one on the menu

          1. re: karaethon

            Didn't Brian Malarkey once say that the burgers at the Counter were better than the burgers at Burlap? :-)

            1. re: Stiflers_Mom

              yes, hence why Burlap wasn't recommended as a place on the list

        3. Red Tracton's bar menu also has a burger. Chiefs up in Solana Beach is supposed to be pretty good. Never been, but I have had two groups of people ask me for directions to Chiefs, which may or may not be good.

          1. Burgers. Mac n Cheese. Shortribs. Tater Tots. Truffle Fries.


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            1. re: Fake Name

              You need to send timsd to SS and make a man out of him! burgers.....whimpy......+