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Feb 20, 2002 03:49 PM

Santa Maria BBQ - need recommendation

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Will be in the Santa Maria area next week and looking for a good restaurant for "Santa Maria BBQ". Been to Jocko's. Anyone have any other suggestions? Preferably not too pricy. Thanks!

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  1. The Hitching Post does pretty good Santa Maria BBQ. I'm sorry I don't have an address for you. May be in Lompoc and not Santa Maria.

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    1. re: Gayla

      Great recommendation - The "Hitchin'Post" is the best and is in Casmalia, about 15 minutes outside of Santa Maria towrds Vandenburg. Also good is the Far Western Tavern in Guadelupe, home of the bulls eye steak. Both far superior to Jocko's.

      1. re: d bueche

        The Far Westerner was my absolute favorite, although it did not exactly fit into the Santa Maria style BBQ. Great steaks from an old time ranching family, friendly Western theme. Now, on to the Santa Maria BBQ, the best is usually on Main street or Broadway, in the late morning to afternoon weekends, any parking lot, usually put on by Lions Club or some other faction. Always red oak smoked tri tip, sausages, or pork. Hood of the car kind of picnic.

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          There's a second Hitching Post in Buellton on the main highway. Easier to get to and just as good.

    2. There's only one name you need here. The Hitching Post in Buellton/Solvang has easily been the best for years. Frank Ostini and partner Grey Hartley also make some great vins under the same label. As far as pricing goes, real value in food and wine is what you receive, not what you pay. (imho)

      1. If you can't get my uncle Mike to cook for you, go the the Hitching Post.

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        1. re: Maddie

          I love it...a response to a 5-year old post!

          That being said...the big 3 rule...Jocko's, Far Western and Hitching Post. My mouth waters in anticpation for my trip up there this summer.

          1. re: RSMBob

            Note that Jocko's only has the wood fired pit for the dinner menu.