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Mar 4, 2012 11:09 PM

Tulsa - Himalaya used to be Kolam

Kolam at 47th and Memorial has changed hands and is now Himalaya. The interior has been slightly improved and the buffet table is now on the wall at the left of the restaurant instead of at the back. Tulsa is very weak on Indian/Pakistani food and most places are at best OK. The main thing about Himalaya's buffet is it now has about twice as many dishes as Kolam used to have and also has a variety of meats instead of just chicken. Quality is about the same - maybe slightly better. If I have the energy (which I usually don't) I can cook better myself - but if I need an Indian fix this is probably the best buffet in town.

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  1. I miss Kolam. I never went to the buffet, only for dinner. They had dishes from several regions of southern India, and that's rare, even in New York. They had lamb Chettinad style from the western part of Tamil Nadu, and they had fish curry from Kerala. The new place, grandly named Himalayas Aroma of India, is a branch of an Oklahoma City restaurant. From that restaurant's website, it appears that the new place does have some South Indian specialities. So I'm hopeful. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

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      Thanks for the feedback Brian. I haven't checked out the a la carte menu at Himalaya yet - but it will be on my list of things to do. As I said I can cook pretty good Indian food but myself but rarely have the time and inclination to do so any more.

    2. I tried the buffet a few weeks ago and found it sadly lacking. Perhaps I came on a bad day. The meat entrees were totally flavorless, and that's a hard thing to do with Chicken Tikka Masala. The veg entrees were somewhat better but not up to the level of India Palace's lunch buffet. Not even close. Perhaps the a la carte entrees are prepared with more care but I don't plan to go back. They don't have those South Indian a la carte entrees, they are available in Oklahoma City only.

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        Maybe you went on a bad day - I went again a few days ago and it was fine (maybe not quite as good as the first time). It's odd because I find it far superior to the India Palace buffet. One thing I do know is that it matters which day you go - if you go to India Palace on a Sunday you can expect everything to taste bad because the boss isn't around to watch things.